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What is your return for buying reusable water cups?

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Nowadays, the awareness of environmental protection has been accepted by more and more people, and it has become a habit to penetrate into their lives. This is a problem that globalization must face, and it is also for us to obtain a sustainable development. The way of survival requires everyone to work together. Take the UK as an example. According to statistics, 2.5 billion take-out coffee cups are discarded in the UK every year. In fact, they are almost impossible to be recycled. Therefore, local coffee lovers who are more environmentally conscious will choose to bring their own best lightweight reusable cups, and of course many coffee chains encourage people to bring their own custom reusable water cups by offering discounts on drinks. Why do we use reusable glasses water bottle?


Reusable mugs and bottles


Advantages of reusable water cups

Regardless of the design, size or color of reusable glasses or bottles, they have many benefits. They not only help us drink safe, healthy and refreshing water to replenish the moisture needed by the human body, or drink tea and coffee and other beverages to give us a sense of pleasure, they can also provide us with a sense of belonging at home.


Reusable cups and bottles can also bring huge environmental benefits. On a global scale, people are increasingly aware and concerned about the impact of waste and pollution on the environment. This includes not only styrofoam or disposable plastic cups, but also things we see in stores or littered along the river.


It is estimated that 8 trillion pieces of plastic are dumped in the world’s oceans every year, and about 91% of the plastic is not recycled. Disposable plastic, foam and paper cups have a huge impact on the environment. So, are reusable cups and bottles a better choice? After all, both will generate waste and cause pollution to the air, water, and environment. Both are also made of non-renewable or energy-intensive materials. For example, a 16-ounce paper cup requires approximately 33 grams of wood, 4.1 grams of oil, 1.8 grams of chemicals, 650 BTU of energy and half a pound of greenhouse gas emissions to produce.


Reusable mugs and bottles

Reusable mugs and bottles reduce environmental pollution, while continuing to provide users with the items they need (such as clean water), but the premise is that they must be used for a long time. According to the life cycle assessment conducted by Trinity College, Oxford University, the reuse of plastic cups more than 16 times and ceramic cups more than 25 times can save space and reduce waste. After reaching an environmentally friendly "break-even" point, further reuse of cups or bottles (avoid the use of disposable cups) will bring benefits to the environment.


If 2 million people choose to reuse the cups only once a week, it can save 104 million cups of space from the landfill every year for the earth. Now, let's do it! Discover more environmentally friendly water cups from topdrinkware. If you have interests, please let us know and contact us.

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