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Water bottle is a common necessities that can be seen everywhere in life. Nowadays, various groups in indoor or outdoor activities have different preferences. But Lingqi has conquered different consumers in the market with exquisite design and considerate service.

Start from wine pot

Wine pot generally refers to the portable wine pot, generally called Hip Flask. Men who like drinking probably will like portable wine pot especially when it's cold or in the outdoors. They can take it out for a drink at any time. The father of Mr. Cheng, the founder of Lingqi, is no exception.


Combined with careful observation of the usage habits of the people and the unremitting pursuit of quality, Lingqi's wine pot rapidly opened the stainless steel wine pot Market in Yongkang, Zhejiang Province with its original, simple, straightforward and unique design.

Product design driven by customer satisfaction

Lingqi has been operating stainless steel wine pots for nearly 4 years. In 2006, with its unique design and excellent quality, Lingqi won high praise from suppliers and distributors in domestic wine pot market. The reason of success is that the product development is based on the real needs of users. At present, the independent research of stainless steel bottle which is as the main product is also based on the real needs of users.

It took a year for the Lingqi product developers to develop a kind of product which is easy to use and attractive to users of thermos bottle. The original sample of stainless steel thermos cup was to install double-layer inner tank in the thermos bottle. But the field test results, in addition to the negative opinion of the experimenters and the insulation effect of less than 5 hours, nothing has been achieved. So it went back to the drawing stage. In 2010, Lingqi company redesigned the stainless steel thermos cup products, and produced 20000 products in the laboratory, then solicited trial users to do product feedback. This time, two-thirds of trial takers thought the product was better than most of the thermos bottle on the market. The new thermos cup design uses double vacuum technology, which can effectively block the temperature conduction convection, it not only can keep warm, but also can keep cold, and the holding time and cold holding time are more than 6 hours! At the same time, Lingqi has designed fashionable colors for this product. Everyone can express their style with their own water cup. Lingqi created the brand of "JIABAITE" for this series of products.

The following problems are how to reduce costs and improve the quality of new products. Therefore, the process innovation is more difficult than the development of the product itself. One engineer said it was "the most complicated job that company has ever encountered," and the production methods and equipment had to start from scratch. However, in July 2012, Lingqi purchased its own industrial park, covering an area of 7500 square meters, located at 67-2 Qingyun Road, Donggan  Fenghuang mountain, Wuyi County, Zhejiang Province.


From the research and development of stainless steel thermos flask, we can see the complex design and trial marketing process of Lingqi products. Trial feedback forms prove that solving practical problems is the key to win the market.

The opportunity of Children thermos cup

On a fine afternoon, a young mother was sitting in her garden, choosing a mug for her 4-year-old daughter. Although she has her own thermos flask factory, the size of adult thermos flask is too large for her daughter's small palm. As a new mother, she hoped to select a suitable and cost-effective children thermos flask for her daughter online.


According to her professional knowledge, she found that some illegal businesses on the Internet would choose high-manganese and low nickel steel with poor corrosion resistance in order to reduce production costs. Once the tank encounters acidic substances such as fruit juice, fruit tea, fruit powder granule and carbonated drinks, the heavy metals are easy to separate out, and long-term drinking will have a bad effect on children's health.

So she decided to develop a healthy, fashion, cost-effective and independent children thermos cup brand for children. She told her friends about the idea, and they all resonated. Then, they quickly established a product research and development team, which absorbed young designers with common wishes in the industry. And they took a fashionable and lovely name: VIGERBEAR.


"Spread the dream, warm the world" is the product design concept of VIGERBEAR. The product line includes high quality daily necessities for children, such as thermos bottles, schoolbags, tableware, umbrellas, etc. Parents and Lingqi have the same wish, that is, we should give the best to our children. 

Brand Empire
At present, Lingqi has many related bottle brands. travel bottle, stainless steel water bottle. And about children's daily necessities, we have VIGERBEAR.
Nowadays, Lingqi is one of the synonyms of high quality stainless steel thermos flask in the world. We have established good trade relations with famous companies in the world, and sell our products to North America, Europe, South America, Asia, etc. Local graduates are proud to enter Lingqi. At the same time, we have also been recognized by the government and have gotten a number of tax and quality enterprise awards. We will always persist in innovation and care about people's needs so that we can make our brand bigger.

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