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  • [Company News] 什么是网络谣言,你知道吗?
    在这个全民自媒体时代,每个人都拥有发言的权利,然而,也滋生了大量的造谣者,他们随意在网上发布虚假信息,通过以偏概全、无中生有、颠倒黑白、偷换概念、混淆时态等方式达到以假乱真的目的。那么什么是网络谣言?网络谣言的形式有哪些?网上散布谣言会受到什么处罚呢?什么是“网络谣言”?“网络谣言”是指通过网络介质(例如微博、国外网站、网络论坛、社交网站、聊天软件等)而传播的谣言没有事实依据带有攻击性,目的性的话语,主要涉及突发事件、公共领域、政治人物、颠覆传统、离经叛道等内容。随着互联网技术的革新,网络谣言依附于新媒体进行传播产生了许多新特点,这些特点具有与传统谣言完全不同的特性,如匿名性、群体传播、传播效 Read More
  • [Company News] Do You Know What Internet Rumors Are?
    In this era of universal self-media, everyone has the right to speak. However, it has also given rise to numerous rumormongers who freely publish false information online. They achieve their goal of mixing falsehood with truth through methods such as taking things out of context, fabricating stories Read More
  • [Company News] Lingqi Wishes You Happy New Year
    With 2022 just around the corner, all of us at Lingqi would like to thank you for your support and company over the past year.In 2022, Lingqi will continue to uphold our values and continue to provide good products and attentive services to our customers.We look forward to your continued support in Read More
  • [Company News] The Christmas of Lingqi
    Christmas is the Christian festival commemorating the birth of Jesus. There are a large number of Christmas customs, including secular, religious, national, and Christmas-related, which vary greatly from country to country. Even most people are familiar with Christmas symbols and activities such as Read More
  • [Company News] The Thanks Giving Day of Lingqi
    Lingqi wishes everyone a happy thanksgiving! Read More
  • [Company News] An Introduction to The Material Choices of Lingqi
    This article is an introduction about the origin material that Lingqi uses on production and we are and always will be committed to improving product quality. Read More
  • [Company News] Charity Sanitation Travel
    Lingqi recently organized a public welfare action for sanitation workers to express our gratitude to these workers who have been silently contributing in the city.During the event, the staff of Lingqi presented a pennant to the sanitation workers to express our appreciation and gratitude to them. An Read More
  • [Encyclopedia] Do You Carry a Water Bottle before Going to Gym?
    This article mainly introduces about the importance to carry a water bottle when doing exercise. Read More
  • [Encyclopedia] How Can I Drink More Water?
    This passage tells some tips to help us drink more water. Read More
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