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What Kind of Vacuum Flask Is the Healthiest on the Market?

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Consumers should not only pay attention to the appearance or name when buying a thermos vacuum insulated bottle, but also to pay attention to other details in order to buy a good quality thermo flask water bottle.


Steel vacuum flasks


1. Stainless Steel

The stainless-steel thermos flask is not prone to corrosion, pitting, rust, abrasion resistance, and is durable. Now it has become a new trend in modern home use cups. The vacuum flask made of stainless steel has a magnificent, bright, stylish and durable appearance. It adds design color to our life and has the characteristics of sturdiness and solidity, which is tightly combined and not easily destroyed. Steel vacuum flasks are generally made of food-grade 304 thermos flask stainless steel, with 16% chromium content, good stability, corrosion resistance, and has the function of insulating ice water in addition to hot water.



2. Ceramics

Ceramic vacuum insulated flask is not very common in the insulation industry, and the price will more expensive than other materials. The price of a good porcelain vacuum flask may reach thousands of yuan. But the ceramic vacuum flask is completely harmless and will not produce harmful metal substances like other materials.



3. Purple Sand

Nowadays, some of the high-grade vacuum flask brand products have the inner tank made of authentic pure natural purple sand mud, and the exterior is made of stainless steel. But it is precisely because of the purple sand material that the vacuum cup has many other functions. In addition to basic functions, it can also make tea. It has health maintenance. And it has strong adaptability to rapid changes in temperature and will not burst due to rapid changes in temperature. Heat transfer is slow and does not burn hands.



4. Glass

Glass is made of sintered inorganic silicates, which is a very stable substance, and the glass cup is easy to clean and very safe. But the glass vacuum flask water bottle has the shortcoming that it is easily broken and cannot be carried around, which is very inconvenient.


Steel vacuum flasks


5. Plastic

Plastic insulated flask bottle only have the function of heat insulation, and compared with other materials, the insulation effect is far different. Although it can be kept warm, the heat preservation time is relatively short and the heat dissipation is fast, so it is not suitable for use in autumn and winter. And in the history of the development of vacuum flasks, many people in the industry have said that plastic vacuum flasks are likely to contain carcinogens and should be carefully selected.



In summary, the materials commonly used in the industry include stainless steel, ceramics, purple sand, glass and plastic. It can be seen from the above that although ceramics have high safety performance and do not contain harmful substances, but they are relatively expensive in the market. Purple sand has the function of keeping warm in winter and cool in summer, but the production of authentic and pure natural purple sand is very rare. And the price is usually more expensive. Glass has high stability, but it cannot be carried around and is fragile. Plastic insulation cups are suspected of being carcinogens, and the insulation effect and time are also very poor. In general, the stainless-steel vacuum flask is the best choice.

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