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Lingqi Production Exchange Meeting

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In a complex environment, empowerment can help companies to fully realize their employees' potential and gain a competitive advantage than traditional organizational management models. On the evening of 6.3, Lingqi held a production exchange meeting with the theme of "Empowering all employees, there is no construction without destruction". The speaker was RinChen, all the management staff of Lingqi attended the meeting and studied together for 90 minutes.


The whole conference mainly revolved around these questions: Our performance increased by 130%, and the number of orders tripled. With such a rapid expansion of performance, how can we take care of our customers? Behind the continuous high target, where does the growth driver come from? What is the growth path behind the rapid expansion?


In this meeting, we conducted a performance inventory for 2020. During the epidemic, the Lingqi team has withstood the test, and the number of new customers and sales have increased in all aspects. At the same time, we have also formulated a core strategy for 2021 to lay an overall direction for the work in 2021. In addition, in order to carry out the work in 2021 more efficiently, Lingqi has also formulated a specific annual plan.


Lingqi hopes that through this production meeting, all the management staff of the company can summarize the experience of 2020, have plans and goals for the work in 2021, and hope that all members of the company can develop better in 2021, hope Lingqi can continue to grow in 2021!



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