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How to Encourage Children to Drink More Water in School?

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Children do not like to drink water. This is a headache that many parents will encounter. The younger the child is, the more water the body needs. And children like to jump around, chase and play, and correspondingly consume water faster. Insufficient drinking water for children can cause problems such as getting angry, constipation, colds, and even affect physical development. Generally speaking, young children need to drink about 1 liter of water every day. Do you know how much water your child usually drinks during school? If you are not aware of this situation, then I suggest that you contact the teacher in time.


There are several ways to encourage children to drink more water during school.


 insulated drink bottle

1. Buy the Reusable Water Bottles You Like for the Children

When shopping, children are often attracted by water bottles of various colors and patterns. If you choose a favorite water bottle for your child, then your child will be more motivated to drink.


It is best to make sure that the bottle is made of stainless steel or aluminum. For example, kids stainless steel water bottle, kids metal water bottle and insulated kids water bottle are the most popular styles on the market.


In addition, different stainless steel water bottles for kids are used in different seasons, which requires consideration of temperature.


When the indoor and outdoor temperature is higher than 25 degrees, children can directly drink plain water at room temperature, so you can choose a kettle with PP (polypropylene) logo.


When the indoor and outdoor temperature is lower than 20 degrees, please use a kettle with heat preservation performance. Generally, the inner tank is made of stainless steel, which has small side effects, moderate opening and easy cleaning. When choosing a personalised insulated water bottle, not only should we look at the pattern on the shell, but also take into account the convenience and hygiene of the child when using it. The following issues should be fully considered: whether the lid is easy to open and close, whether it is easy to receive and pour water, whether it is conducive to cleaning, etc.


Water bottle with filter and water bottle with straw are also water bottles that parents tend to buy for their children.


 insulated drink bottle

2. Make the Bottle Easily Accessible


If you are used to putting your child's thermos in the steel tiffin box for kids, this is not conducive to your child's hydration. The teacher is only allowed to take out the worthbuy lunch box during the specified time period. Once they forget to pick up the lunch box, the children can only drink water during the break. It is best to put an insulated drink bottle on the side of the schoolbag.


3. Talk to Their Teacher


Its best to ask your childs teacher how often they are allowed to travel to the bathroom or drinking fountain. Under normal circumstances, when a child is at school, as long as he can drink about 450 ml of plain water, it is basically enough, and parents do not need to worry too much. However, be careful not to drink a lot of water (more than 200ml) at a time. It is best to talk to the teacher about your child’s drinking habits.

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