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How to Drink Water Most Effectively When Running?

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For professional athletes who have a team of experts to take care of, drinking water is more complicated: they must consider temperature, humidity, fitness, altitude, exercise intensity, water intake before running, and personal sweating speed. After all, everyone's needs are different. For ordinary people, we have to consider the amount of water to drink, the cup of water to drink, and so on.


So, for ordinary runners, what is the correct way to drink water? The easiest way to determine your drinking is to check your urine. If your daily running time exceeds 2 hours, you must calculate your sweating rate. The method is to weigh the naked body before and after the 1 hour easy run. And do not eat or drink during this 1-hour running.


lightweight water bottles

For every 500g of weight loss, 500ml of fluid is needed to be supplemented. At this time, you can buy the following specifications of water bottles: 500ml water bottles or 500ml stainless steel water bottles. If you lose 1 kilogram of weight within this hour, you should drink 1-1.5 liters of liquid within the next 2-4 hours. You can equip a 1000ml water bottle before running.


Runners living in areas with distinct four seasons, if they are tested in the summer, as their bodies adapt to high temperatures, their demand for drinking water will also change. People have different demands for water glasses in summer and winter. People tend to carry lightweight water bottles for travel in summer, while insulated drink bottles and thermos vacuum insulated bottles are the best choices in winter. Of course, stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottle is also one of the choices of many people.


How to Make Your Own Hydration Plan?


A kinesiology expert suggested: thirst is not a good indicator of water loss. If your running environment changes, don't pretend to feel good. This will get you into trouble. When you drink water, the nerve endings in the tongue and throat transmit impulses to the brain, reducing the feeling of thirst before the body can absorb enough water. The sport stainless steel water bottle will replenish the water you need during your running journey.

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Different Running Time Requires Different Water


If the running time is less than 1 hour, drinking water is enough, especially for easy running occasions. If you know the rate of sweating, you know how much water to add, or drink 87-176 ml of water every 15-20 minutes. The 200ml thermos flask provides enough water to meet the above requirements.


The running time is between 60-90 minutes, it is recommended to drink water + electrolyte tablets. Sweating can irritate the eyes, and white sweat stains will remain on the clothes after running. Please pay attention to electrolytes, especially sodium. So you can add 750 mg of sodium per liter of water. In addition to sports drinks and energy gels, you may also need to take electrolyte tablets and salt pills for additional supplements. The amount of water provided by the 750ml water bottle is enough to make up for the water lost for so long.


If the running time is between 90-120 minutes, it is recommended to supplement with water + carbohydrates + electrolytes. At this time, you need to drink sports drinks to replenish electrolytes and carbohydrates that are easy to digest and absorb and produce glucose.


In summary, the benefits of drinking water during running are obvious. A custom sport water bottle can increase your interest in drinking water to a certain extent.

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