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How to Choose Different Stainless Steel Vacuum Flasks?

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Stainless steel vacuum flask is very common in our daily life, and its use is also very wide. In recent years, the quality of life has become higher and higher, and the vacuum flask has also been divided into many categories. The more refined classification of stainless steel insulated tumbler can better target the market and meet the different needs of more people.


Several Classifications of Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask


1. Bachelor Cup


The bachelor cup has a straight shape with a small lower part and a slightly larger top. The cover is reversed to be convex. And the cover thickness is about 4-6cm. There is a deep groove in the lid, and the protruding part of the lid after screwing the cup body is pressed down in the cup body, which is beneficial to heat resistance. Therefore, the heat preservation performance is better, which can be kept for 8-10 hours.

The disadvantage is that the inside of the cover is difficult to clean, it is easy to produce scale and bacteria, which is not conducive to hygiene. The common capacity of the bachelor cup is 350ml-500ml.


stainless steel insulated tumbler

2. Bullet Cup


Its appearance is elongated, with an arc-shaped upper end, which looks like a bullet as a whole. Unscrew the lid, the lid can be used as a cup. There is a plug for switching water, about 6cm high, and the plug depth is mostly inside the cup. Therefore, the heat resistance function is high, and the holding time can reach more than 10 hours.


The disadvantage is that it is a low-priced vacuum flask, which is more prone to scale, bacteria and odor.


Consumers who often use bullet-shaped vacuum flasks are mostly people who have no concept of consumption of vacuum flasks. They only know that they can keep warm and the price is cheap.


3. Straight cup

The straight cup is made of better material, food-grade 304 steel is used, and some plastic parts are also made of food-grade PC. Therefore, this cup is more hygienic.

The disadvantage is that the holding time is about 7-9 hours to reach the standard temperature.


4. Office Cup


It is suitable for use in fixed places, such as work places, homes, and units. It is similar to a straight cup, but with an additional handle, it is more convenient and comfortable to use, but it is not suitable for carrying out. Compared with ordinary cups, office cups such as single wall stainless water bottles have large openings and are comfortable for drinking, but heat dissipation is faster. Therefore, the holding time is normally a little shorter than that of a straight cup. 350ml water bottle and 500ml stainless steel water bottle are more common.


stainless steel insulated tumbler

5. Travel pot


Travel pots are also called wide mouth water bottles. The large and common low volume is 750ml, and the larger one is 2000ml or more. With elastic handle and strap, it is convenient for many people to share when going out. The holding time can reach more than 20 hours.


The disadvantage is that it is heavy and not easy to carry. Ladies are more inclined to lightweight water bottle for travel. Many people now customize personalized stainless steel tumbler online.


There are also many kinds of travel pot styles. It is necessary to consider whether the material is food-standard 304 stainless steel, and whether the structure is easy to clean and other hygiene issues.


6. Kettle


The kettle is also called a coffee maker, and it also matches with the stainless steel coffee tumbler and thermocafe stainless steel flask. It has a stainless steel double-layer vacuum device with a larger capacity. It is different from the travel pot in that the handle is fixed, the bottom is large and the mouth is small, and the belly can be accommodated. There is a button or a button handle, and the water can be discharged by pressing down, and the cup is excellent in heat preservation. It is suitable for permanent placement in the family or unit. It is not conducive to carry out.

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