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Happy Father’s Day 2021

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There was no Father’s Day before the 20th century. In the 20th century, Father’s Day was established in the United States. As the century goes on, more and more countries begin to celebrate Father’s Day in June.


Father's Day is the third Sunday in June every year. This year, it will be celebrated on June 20. This day dedicated to my father is to recognize their contribution, priceless love and unwavering support. Like mothers, fathers do their best to support the development of their children. However, we rarely show emotion to our father as we do to mothers.


Lingqi would like to wish all fathers a happy Father's Day in advance. At the same time, Lingqi also hopes that everyone can express gratitude to his father and thank his father for so many years. Although Father’s Day is only one day, we have to care more about our father in our daily lives! 

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