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Five taboos you must know before running

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Running is highly sought after as a national sport. We can often see a group of runners in the playground or park. They wear earphones or stainless steel sports water bottles. Do you know the precautions for running? Normal running can better achieve fitness goals. Let me take a look at the precautions for running.



1. Avoid eating before running

Stop eating within 1.5 hours before running! If you are still eating before running, be careful to vomit while you have stomachache. This is not difficult for runners who are used to running at night after get off work, but if you are used to running in the morning, the best way is to eat breakfast after running. Don't drink high-protein supplements before running because you are hungry. If you are afraid of hunger or low blood sugar, you can drink some sports drinks in a sports water bottle, or jelly energy drinks and other instant supplements that are easy to digest.


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2. Avoid excessive static stretching

I hope you warm up before running. Without warming up, the joints and muscles of the whole body will be inflexible, and muscle aches and even injuries will be easy after running. However, the warm-up must be done correctly. Before running, you should start with a light, slow static stretch and end with a dynamic stretch.


Dynamic stretching is actually a lunge squat, hand wave, leg swing, small jump and easy running. Dynamic stretching helps eliminate muscle tension, making it easier for you to speed up at the start and run your best record.



3. Avoid salad before running

For those who want to lose weight or maintain health, salads, vegetables and fruits are very healthy food choices. However, eating high-fiber foods such as broccoli or lettuce may make you feel uncomfortable when running. This is because high-fiber fruits and vegetables are not easy to digest and easily cause bloating, and salads made of fruits and vegetables cannot provide the carbohydrates you need for running. However, you can still use reusable water cups or stainless steel kettles to carry some vegetable juices, which can help you replenish vitamins and water in time.



4. Avoid drinking water before running

Moisture is very important for runners, but the timing of drinking water should also be paid attention to. For example, if you have to run more than 12 kilometers, it is best to drink 500ml of water one hour before the start of the run, then stop drinking, and be careful to run to the toilet frequently on the way.


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If you want to make sure that you are well hydrated, it is best to drink a small amount of water daily. Don't forget to keep a glass of water on the table when you work. It is also good to bring a reusable water bottle of water with you when you go out. If you want to know if you have enough water, don't rush to flush when you go to the toilet. If your urine is clear and not yellow, it means you have enough water.


5. Avoid drinking orange juice

Although it is important to drink enough water before running, it is not so good if you drink high-sugar fruit juice drinks, carbonated drinks or energy gels. Some people think that these drinks can refresh and even increase physical strength, but they don't know that sugary drinks can increase insulin quickly and make their mental and physical strength even worse. In addition, energy gums and sugar-sweetened beverages are also easy to cause acid reflux, which makes running very uncomfortable. So before running, it’s smart not to drink high-sugar orange or lemon juice! It is best to use stainless steel bottles or insulated water bottles to drink boiled water.


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