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Employees Birthday Event In April

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Lingqi has always been paying attention to and caring for every employee, so that all employees can feel the warmth of the company-this big family, and then maintain a better work attitude. In April, Lingqi held a birthday event for employees. On the birthday of the employees, company gave them birthday gifts with good wishes and thanked them for their silent dedication and contribution on the job.



In the birthday event in April, a total of 10 employees celebrated their birthdays. This birthday gift is carefully selected, composed of small cakes, fruits, and birthday cards. Rinchen personally sends gifts and blessings to management employees; vice president of production and administrative manager gave gifts to workshop employees and express their blessings.


Through this event, Lingqi hopes to better promote the communication between the company and its employees, enhance the relationship between each other, and reflect the company's humanized management and care for employees. In this way, it enhances employeessense of identity and belonging to the company, stimulates their enthusiasm for work, and at the same time further promotes the construction of corporate culture and forms a good corporate centripetal force.


Lingqi believe that in such a harmonious and friendly atmosphere, every employee can show themselves at work and grow together with Lingqi!

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