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Do You Know How to Clean a Stainless-steel Water Bottle?

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Many people will throw away old things and replace them with something of better quality, such as a stainless-steel water bottle. Because there are many kinds of insulated water bottles, the top priority is the one with good quality. Many people don't know how to clean the stainless-steel water bottle after they buy it. Let's take a look at the cleaning methods and precautions of a stainless-steel water bottle.



Cleaning methods for a stainless-steel water bottle

The cover of a stainless-steel water bottle

The cover can be cleaned with warm water or bleach. First of all, we take off the cover, respectively use warm water and neutral tableware cleaner to clean the dirt, and then rinse with running water, and then wipe the water on it after the water drops, and then use it after it is fully dried. After long-term use, if there is odor and stain, it can be cleaned with neutral detergent and hot water, and then inverted to dry. Zhejiang Linqi industry and Trade Co., Ltd. provides personalized stainless-steel water bottles and a stainless-steel vacuum insulated water bottle for you. The product is not only of good quality, but also easy to clean.

41-1 stainless steel water bottle


Sealing ring of a stainless-steel water bottle

The sealing ring can be cleaned with warm water or bleach. First, take off the sealing ring, clean the dirt with warm water and neutral tableware cleaning agent respectively, and then rinse with running water, and then wipe the water to dry completely. Finally, we need to install the cleaned seal ring in place. Please note that the wrong installation will cause a water leakage, the cover rotation is not smooth, and so on. Linqi wellness double wall stainless-steel bottle and insulated kids water bottle use safe materials to protect your and your family's health.


Liner of a stainless-steel water bottle

Warm water and weak acid bleaching agent can be used for the inner liner, but alkaline bleaching agent is not suitable. First, we need to soak the water bottle in warm water containing a neutral detergent that can clean tableware, and then clean it with a bottle brush or sponge. After the dirt is removed, we can wash it with clean water and dry it. The inner tank of the heat preservation cup is made of stainless steel, which is treated by anti-bacterial processing technology. If it is not used and maintained properly, it is easy to have stubborn stains that are not easy to clean. You can use weak acid bleaching agents (such as diluted vinegar, soda water, etc.) to soak for 30 minutes and then clean. At this time, please do not tighten the cover immediately, otherwise it may produce greater pressure and open the cover with risk of popping off. Linqi is a reliable metal water bottle brand, and its double wall stainless-steel water bottle is a convenient product which is worth purchasing with a large capacity.


The external gallbladder of a stainless-steel water bottle

Warm water can be used for cleaning, but bleaching agent should not be used, otherwise the paint layer and logo of the outer liner will fall off. We only need to soak the thermos cup in warm water containing neutral detergent which can clean tableware. After cleaning, please wipe the moisture with a cloth immediately and keep it in place after drying sufficiently. 



Precautions for cleaning stainless-steel water bottle

1. Do not use propellant, gasoline, metal ball or hard materials to clean the surface of a stainless-steel thermos cup, or it will cause scratch, damage or the font will fall off.


41-2 stainless steel water bottle

2. Stainless-steel water bottles can be used to keep hot and cold, but do not put milk, dairy products, juice and other drinks to prevent deterioration.


3. Do not put the stainless-steel thermos cup in open fire or high temperature places to prevent deformation and discoloration of the outer coating of the cup.


4. It is not allowed to impact the surface of the product with hard objects or fall to the ground, so as to avoid the depression of the surface of the stainless-steel heat preservation cup and reduce the heat preservation performance.



The above is the introduction of cleaning methods and precautions for stainless-steel water bottles. In fact, no matter whether it's decoration, cleaning or moving, we should keep the stainless-steel water bottle well. Linqi has prepared different products for you with different identities. Large stainless-steel water bottles are suitable for any family. Stainless-steel water bottles for schools are an ideal choice for students.

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