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China's Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask Industry Development Prospects And Market Scale Forecast

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In daily life, we always see stainless steel vacuum flask in public places such as companies, trains, high-speed rails, etc. The scales are usually stainless steel water bottle 1000ml and stainless steel water bottle 500ml.



Stainless steel vacuum cup is divided into: ordinary vacuum cup (the holding time is generally less than three hours after boiling water is poured in), stainless steel vacuum cup 500ml (through the vacuum process, the boiling water can be kept for more than 8 hours). The stainless steel vacuum flask has the function of heat preservation and cold preservation. The heat preservation and cold preservation function of ordinary vacuum flask is relatively poor, while the effect of vacuum vacuum flask is much better. In hot weather, we can use a thermos vacuum insulated flask to fill ice water or ice cubes, so that you can enjoy the cool feeling at any time. It can be filled with hot water in winter, so that you can drink hot water at any time.


stainless steel water bottle 500ml

China's existing stainless steel keep cup production enterprises are mainly concentrated in Yongkang, Wuyi, Zhejiang and Chao'an, Jieyang, Xinhui and other places in Guangdong. China has become a major producer and exporter of the world's best stainless steel thermos, and it is also the market with the highest consumption level of stainless steel vacuum flasks in the world. However, for China's local insulation cup companies, what they are now facing is not only the competition of insulation cup brands, but also the battle for how to meet the needs of consumers. This is also the key to testing domestic insulation cup companies.


At present, the consumer market of stainless steel thermos flasks in China is mainly concentrated in: office workers, students, car owners, the elderly, and a very small number of luxury products and healthcare functional products. Among students and office workers, the main function of the vacuum flask is convenience, beauty, and heat preservation, followed by moderate price. The car owners mainly have higher requirements for the quality and function of the vacuum flask, so they have derived high-end automotive vacuum flask products. The elderly value health and safety more. Among luxury goods, the consumption of thermos cups is mostly gifts. These are the characteristics of the personalised insulated water bottle consumer market.


stainless steel water bottle 500ml

With the development of the economy, the consumption level of residents is getting higher and higher, and the consumption of daily necessities will continue to increase. Drinking cups, as an indispensable daily necessities in people's daily life, will have an increasing market capacity in the future. In 2016, the domestic market sales of cups of various materials in my country reached 76 billion yuan. In the future, with the improvement of domestic people's living standards and consumption levels, people's demand for high grade vacuum flasks will gradually increase. In addition, the development of downstream home furnishing, office, student, outdoor, catering and other industries will have various needs for cups. It is estimated that by 2022, China's cup market will reach 134 billion yuan. So, will you want to purchase a double wall stainless steel flask?

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