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Why should we choose stainless steel water cup?

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A favourite cup is not just a way to drink. It can become a part of the furniture, a part of what makes a home or workplace comfortable and welcoming. Will you use stainless steel water cups or stainless steel tumbler as your carry-on items? ? Compared to other types of water bottles, we recommend that you choose and use stainless steel water bottles. Let us look at the reasons below.


The function of stainless steel water cup

Best stainless steel water bottle has the function of heat preservation and cold preservation. Ordinary vacuum flasks have poor heat preservation and cold preservation functions. The effect of vacuum flask is much better. We can use vacuum flask to fill ice water or ice cubes on hot days. , So you can enjoy the icy feeling at any time, in winter, you can fill in hot water, so that you can drink hot water at any time.


metal drink bottle

The stainless steel vacuum flask can be customized according to requirements, and the operation is more flexible and simple. Therefore, more and more people regard the stainless steel vacuum bottle as a gift for friends, customers, and promotional gifts. You can restrain the company on the lid of the cup Information or good wishes, this customized stainless steel water bottle and personalized water bottle are being accepted by more and more people.



How to buy stainless steel water cup

1. After adding water to the cup, tighten the stopper and lid in a clockwise direction, place the cup flat on the table, and there should be no water leakage; the screwing of the lid and the mouth of the cup should be flexible and there is no gap. See if the tightness is good.


metal drink bottle

2. Check if the vacuum heat preservation of the vacuum water bottle is good, pour boiling water into the thermos cup and turn the cork or lid clockwise for 2-3 minutes and then touch the outer surface of the cup with your hand. If the cup body is obviously warm , it indicates that the product has lost its vacuum and cannot achieve a good insulation effect.


3. Identify the quality of plastic parts: new food-grade plastics are characterized by low odor, bright surface, no burrs, long service life and not easy to aging. Ordinary plastics or recycled plastics are characterized by big smell, dark color, many burrs, and plastics are easy to age and break.


4. It is not that the heavier the metal drink bottle, the better, the depth of the inner container of the thermos cup is basically the same as the height of the outer shell, and the capacity is in line with the nominal value (the difference is 16-18MM). Some low-quality insulated stainless steel water bottle add sand and cement blocks to the cup to make up for the missing weight.


If you need to order a personalized stainless steel tumbler or purchase the best lightweight travel water bottle for the company, please contact us, we will provide you with the best quality and the best price.

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