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Why is stainless-steel the best material?

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The large use of stainless-steel products is a revolution in the kitchen. They are beautiful, durable and easy to clean, which directly changes the color and touch of the kitchen. Therefore, the kitchen visual environment has been greatly improved, no longer dark and humid. Stainless-steel water bottles for schools and some kids metal water bottles are also made of this material.



What is stainless-steel?

The special feature of stainless-steel is determined by two elements: chromium and nickel. No chromium, no stainless-steel. The amount of nickel determines the value of stainless-steel. Stainless-steel can keep luster and not rust in the air because it contains a certain amount of chromium alloy element (no less than 10.5%), which can form a strong oxidation film on the steel surface which is insoluble in some media. In daily life, stainless-steel vacuum insulated water bottles and insulated stainless-steel water bottles use this material.


insulated water bottles

After the addition of nickel, the properties of stainless-steel are further improved. It has good chemical stability in the air, water and steam. Moreover, it has sufficient stability in many kinds of acid, alkali and salt aqueous solutions. Even in high temperatures or low temperature environments, it can still maintain its corrosion resistance. Therefore, the thermos stainless-steel water bottles and stainless-steel hydro flasks are suitable for storing drinking water without being affected.


According to the microstructure, stainless-steel can be divided into martensite, austenite, ferrite and duplex stainless-steel. Austenite has good plasticity, low strength, certain toughness, easy processing and molding, no ferromagnetism.


Austenitic stainless-steel was introduced in Germany in 1913. It has been playing the most important role in stainless-steel, and its production and usage account for about 70% of the total output and consumption of stainless-steel. Most of the stainless-steel you see is austenitic stainless-steel.



Why do more and more people choose stainless-steel water bottles?


Ceramic water bottles and glass water bottles are gradually becoming concerned by consumers because of their advantages of beauty and environmental protection. But their disadvantages are also obvious - they are easy to break.


The price of the water bottle is cheap, and it contains the trace element iron which is beneficial to the human body.


insulated water bottles

When plastic water bottles first appeared, they were sought after by a group of people. But later, people began to find that the unpleasant smell of plastic produced by heating was unacceptable, and the plasticizer components coming out with heating were harmful to human health.


Copper water bottles and aluminum water bottles have the best heat transfer effect. However, from the safety point of view, copper and aluminum water bottles contain harmful substances, which are not conducive to long-term use.


Stainless-steel water bottles are the most used product type in the market at present. The stainless-steel shell is solid and durable, with reasonable price and good heat transfer performance. In addition, the food grade stainless-steel insulated water bottles meet the national food safety requirements, will not produce toxic and side effects, protect the health and safety of consumers, favored by most families.



In addition to water bottles, stainless-steel materials can also be used in stainless-steel thermal lung boxes and stainless-steel lunch boxes for office.

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