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Why do People Feel Thirsty in the Middle of the Night?

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People with high sleep quality often sleep until dawn, which is the most comfortable and ideal sleep state. But if there is something like constant dry mouth and unexplained awakening from thirst, and get up to find a thermos direct drink bottle to drink is very annoying. What should we do when we feel thirsty in the middle of the night? And what causes this situation? Let's take a look.



What causes thirst at night?


1. Drink less water.


If you often feel thirsty and need to drink water with insulated thermos bottle in the middle of the night, the existence of this situation may be a normal physiological phenomenon, so do not be too alarmed. If you don't hydrate enough throughout the day, don't drink enough water with your thermos vacuum insulated bottle, or eat something salty before bed, you'll end up with dry mouth and thirst during sleep. So if you often wake up thirsty in the middle of the night, you can increase the amount of water you drink throughout the day and eat a light meal before bed or at dinner, and see if this happens again. If it does, consider whether there is a physical problem.


88-hydro flask double wall vacuum

2.Kidney problem.


People with weak kidneys are prone to get dry mouth at night and they need to drink more water with a thermo flask water bottle. Because kidney deficiency will lead to deficiency of liver yin, and deficiency of liver yin will show as dry mouth. However, kidney deficiency can not only be judged by dry mouth during sleep, but also combined with other symptoms of kidney deficiency, such as weak waist and knee, fatigue, decreased physiological ability, depression and so on.


3. Your stomach has a strong fire.


People with high stomach fire also have dry mouth at night, and these people don’t like drinking water with a steel vacuum flask. Stomach fire have other symptoms, such as bleeding gums, swollen gums, bad breath, constipation, so stomach fire should be combined with other symptoms to determine.



What should we do when we feel thirsty in the middle of the night? 


1.Put a cup of water near the bed.


If the thirst is simply caused by some normal physiological reasons, you can put a stainless steel thermos flask of plain water at the head of the bed to solve, when you feel thirsty, you can drink some water to alleviate. Keeping a glass of water at the end of your bed is not a palliative for dry mouth and thirst caused by illness. However, during this period of conditioning your body, you can use a steel flask bottle to ease your own physical discomfort.



2.Take care of your body


Because a weak kidney or stomach fire can lead to thirst and the need of drinking water with a high grade vacuum flask at night, it's important to keep your body healthy. If it cannot be relieved simply by daily conditioning, it is time to go to the hospital and seek the help of a doctor.


This is not a minor problem, but while it may be a normal physiological phenomenon, it may also be a sign of illness, and it's best to find the right cause and fix it. And we need to know, double wall vacuum insulated is made after thousands of degrees Celsius high temperature, it is free of lead and other harmful substances, can be safely used. Although the hydro flask double wall vacuum contains stable metal, it is possible to dissolve in acidic environment. Therefore, it is best not to use enamel cups for a long time to hold orange juice and other acidic drinks. In addition, enamel cup bumps after the surface is easy to break, will precipitate harmful substances.

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