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Why Not Use Plastic Water Bottles Often?

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I have to admit that disposable plastic bottles have added a lot of convenience to our daily lives. For example, people who ride bicycles will carry bicycle water bottles, and people who exercise will carry sport bottle water. Disposable plastic water bottles are a convenient way to keep moisture, but they have a major impact on the health of our planet. For ourselves, our own health is also greatly affected. The production and disposal of bottled water has a negative impact on the resources of the earth, the size of the landfill, and even the level of water pollution in the liquids you drink every day.


Production of Plastic Bottles


The most harmful effects of some disposable water bottles are mainly before and during the production process. They require a lot of resources to produce. Plastic bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). It takes 1/4 of the oil to produce a bottle. 90% of the cost of bottled water comes from manufacturing plastic bottles.


outdoor water bottle

A year’s supply of bottled water requires 17 million barrels of oil. This amount of oil can provide fuel for 1.3 million cars for a year, and it can also power 190,000 homes. At the same time, bottled water emits 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year, which seriously affects our air environment. We also need to consider the craft of the bottle, such as logo water bottles or even custom logo water bottles, color water bottles and so on.


The Effect On the Environment


When it comes to the size of our landfill and the protection of our water resources and marine life, bottled water poses a serious danger. 38 billion water bottles (over 2 million tons) flow into landfills in the United States every year. Most bottled water comes from places with limited water supply, such as California. Nestlé even caused water shortages in Pakistan. Plastic waste (including plastic bottles) flushes into the ocean every year, killing 1.1 million marine life. Therefore, we should use water bottle stainless steel double wall or vacuum stainless steel water bottle to gradually replace plastic bottles.


Impact On Our Human Health


Bottled water is not only harmful to the health of our planet, it also has harmful effects on our own bodies. The water bottle contains chemicals like bisphenol A and antimony, which can cause reproductive problems, asthma and dizziness. Studies even indicate the risk of breast cancer. The microbiological and other water contamination tests of bottled water are four times less than that of tap water. Therefore, when we travel with friends and family, it is best to carry a hike water bottle, and a larger capacity, such as a 1000ml water bottle,so as to avoid buying plastic water bottles.

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Compared with other drinking water sources, the price of buying disposable bottled water is very expensive. We usually recommend eight glasses of water a day. Bottled water costs $1,800 per year, and bottled water costs 26 times more than filtered water tanks. Therefore, it is recommended that you bring an outdoor water bottle when you go out, which can save a lot of money for the family.

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