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Why Are Vacuum Flasks So Popular?

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The vacuum insulated flask is generally a water container made of stainless steel and a vacuum layer, with a lid on the top and a tight seal. The vacuum insulation layer can delay the heat dissipation of liquids inside to achieve the purpose of heat preservation.


The stainless-steel vacuum flask is developed from the thermos. The principle of insulation is the same as the thermos, except that people make the bottle into a cup for convenience. There are three ways of heat transmission including radiation, convection and transmission. The silver cup inside the thermos can reflect the radiation of hot water, the vacuum of the cup and the cup body can block the transfer of heat, and the bottle that is not easy to transfer heat can prevent heat convection.


metal thermos flask

We all know that in recent years we have paid more attention to health preservation. More and more people are beginning to carry insulated flask bottle with them when they go out. Today we want to introduce you to the usefulness of insulated jug flask.



1. Bring Cold Drinks.

In summer, the temperature is very high. We all definitely want to be able to drink a cold drink in a high temperature environment, but in a high temperature environment, the cold drink will become hot easily after a while, so we can consider putting cold drinks in a thermos. The thermo flask water bottle can keep the heat and cold, so it can keep the low temperature of cold drinks. This method is conducive to our summer heat stroke.



2. Drink Plenty of Hot Water.

Drinking hot water is very helpful for the human body. First of all, drinking hot water when our body is weak can help us warm the stomach and make us feel more comfortable. In addition, the habit of drinking hot water is more conducive to the increase of our metabolic rate, which is very helpful for the improvement of physical fitness. Carrying a vacuum flask water bottle, we all can drink hot water very conveniently anytime and anywhere.


metal thermos flask


3. Braised Porridge.

If you want to try braising porridge yourself, you can choose a steel vacuum flask with better heat preservation. It is very convenient to use a thermos cup to stew porridge. For example, you can soak the millet one day in advance, then preheat it with hot water in the thermos cup, add the boiling water that has just been boiled, and then pour the millet in and simmer overnight. In the morning next day, we can drink sweet and delicious millet porridge, which is very convenient.



4. Relieve Dysmenorrhea.

Many girls have dysmenorrhea. During the period of menstruation, they feel very painful all day long, and the stomachache is very serious. At this time, it is very helpful to carry some hot water with a metal thermos flask. Drinking some hot water at any time will help relieve pain and help us pass the dysmenorrhea period smoothly. In addition, you can also carry some hot brown sugar water or brown sugar ginger tea in the tea thermos flask, which will help relieve the symptoms of dysmenorrhea.



There are many uses of the stainless vacuum flask, and it is also very beneficial to our health, which is why the vacuum flask is so popular now.

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