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Why Are People Dehydrated?

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The Cause of Dehydration


The cause of dehydration is due to a large amount of water loss such as diarrhea or vomiting, or a large amount of diuresis and sweating, or abnormal blood osmotic pressure. The main symptoms of dehydration are thirst, decreased skin elasticity, sunken eye sockets, fatigue and weight loss, electrolyte disturbance, low potassium or low chlorine, low sodium and other symptoms, and even low-volume spontaneous shock.

In medicine, dehydration refers to a symptom of metabolic disorders that the human body consumes due to pathological changes and consumes a lot of water, which can cause metabolic disorders. In severe cases, it can cause collapse and even life-threatening. It requires infusion to replenish body fluids. The fluid in the human body is greatly reduced, which often occurs in situations such as severe vomiting, diarrhea, excessive sweating, and bleeding.


In daily life, some people rarely drink water. When the body is dehydrated, it is mainly divided into 4 stages, and the symptoms are different in each stage.


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The 4 Progressive Stages of Human Dehydration


Phase One: Thirst


When the body water loss reaches 2% of body weight, you will feel thirsty at this time. You must drink water daily. For example, wide mouth aluminium bottle and double wall vacuum flask are necessary in daily home. For another example, if a person weighing 150 kg is thirsty, it means that he lacks 3 kg of water in his body. After strenuous exercise, when the body's water content drops, people will experience symptoms such as thirst and sweating, reducing body temperature, thickening of blood, slowing blood flow, and speeding up heart rate. Therefore, if you travel far, it is recommended to carry a lightweight travel water bottle, personalized stainless steel tumbler and filter bottle for travel.


Stage Two: Fainted


When the water loss in the body reaches 4% of body weight, it will faint. At this time, the body's blood flow is reduced, the skin begins to wrinkle, blood pressure drops, the body basically stops sweating, and the body temperature gradually rises. Therefore, it is very necessary to carry a stainless steel vacuum flask 500ml with you to replenish water in time.


Stage Three: Organ Damage


The occurrence of organ damage already means that dehydration is more serious, and the water loss reaches 7% of body weight, which will cause organ damage. At this time, people's blood pressure is difficult to maintain. In order to better survive, the blood flow of non-core organs is slowed down. Without kidneys to filter blood, cell metabolic wastes accumulate rapidly. If water is not added in time, life and health will be endangered.


Stage Four: Death


When the human body loses 10% of its body weight, it will die. To put it simply, a person who weighs 150 kilograms and lacks 15 kilograms of water in their body will cause dehydration and death if they do not drink water for 5 consecutive days.


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The above four stages of dehydration are enough to make us realize the importance of water to human health. When people feel thirsty, their body temperature rises, and their body organs are uncomfortable, they need to be hydrated in time, otherwise severe water shortage will endanger their health.


In order to prevent dehydration in daily life, the only thing to do is to add water in time. Normal people should be guaranteed to drink 8 glasses of water a day, especially after strenuous exercise should be a lot of water, in addition to eating spicy food and high salt intake.


In order to make you have the desire to drink water, built travel mugs, personalized stainless steel travel mugs and sport stainless steel water bottles should all be added to the shopping cart.


Through the above sharing, everyone should clearly understand that dehydration is a thing that should not be underestimated. Maybe it was just thirsty at the beginning, but if it is not replenished in time, the water in the body will be reduced a little bit, kidney failure will occur, and life and health will be endangered. Therefore, you must drink plenty of water in your daily life to keep the body hydrated enough to drive various organs to function better.

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