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Which Teas Are Suitable for Different Cups to Taste The Best?

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Drinking tea has the effects of refreshing, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, reducing the risk of diabetes, preventing and treating Alzheimer disease, sterilizing and improving immunity, and losing weight. At the same time, drinking tea has anti-stress and anti-anxiety effects. And there are a set of professional tea sets for drinking tea. There are many cup types of tea sets, and each cup type has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Actually, when we go far, we are used to carry a stainless steel travel water bottle, a water filtration bottle for travel or a light water bottle for travel. This kind of multifunctional kettle is environmentally friendly and durable.


Friends who like to drink tea will always have wide mouth clear water bottles, and stainless steel vacuum jugs at home. For them, a few friends drinking tea and chatting together are more attractive than going out.


stainless steel beer mugs

There are different cup types below, so what kind of tea should be paired with to make the taste best and use better?


Skimmer Cup


From the heat point of view, the slightly skimmed mouth means that there is an obvious transition between the cup wall and the rim, and its effect is slow heat conduction and not easy to burn hands. In addition, the bell cup and other cups are long and thin, and have a good fragrance gathering degree, which is convenient for smelling. The thin tire is convenient for temperature control, and you can feel the temperature of the tea soup instantly.


The edge of the mouth is moderately thin, with a drinking curve, which is convenient for drinking and has a good lip fit. The cup is suitable for drinking all kinds of tea, especially Oolong tea. For example, rock tea, high cups gather fragrance, you can fully feel the changes and levels of aroma, but because some bell cups are thin and have poor heat retention in winter, it is better to choose thick tire pressure cups at this time. With double insulated water bottle, you can taste the rich tea aroma in winter.


Open Cup


The open cup has a large contact area with the air due to its cup shape, and quickly dissipates heat. However, the open cup is not easy to gather aroma. It is suitable for summer use. Drink green tea or new white tea that relieves heat and heat, which is sweet and refreshing. If you drink cooked general products in summer, in order to quickly dissipate heat, you can also choose an open cup made of purple sand to absorb miscellaneous flavors and make the taste more smooth. Similarly, wide mouth stainless steel water bottles are best for summer tea.

stainless steel beer mugs


Closing Cup


The closing cup has a good effect of accumulating fragrance and flavour. And when matching with the cup holder, if the bottom of the cup is firm, once the tea soup overflows, it will easily stick to the saucer.


There are some closing cups to improve their shortcomings, which can be used in winter with good heat preservation effect. This type of closing cup has a large abdominal capacity and is suitable for drinking black tea and old white tea. Thermos mug with handle is very convenient for tasting tea.


Straight Cup


If the cup is long, it is more convenient to smell the aroma. You can drink high-flavor teas such as oolong tea. But the cup body should not be too long and thin, otherwise it is easy to touch the nose when drinking tea. For example, the straight-mouthed cup with a short body and a wide bottom is suitable for drinking white tea and black tea. In addition to straight-mouth cups, stainless steel beer mugs and steel mugs for tea are also suitable for drinking tea.

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