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What is the Difference between Stainless Steel Water Bottle and Glass?

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As people's health awareness increases, everyone pays more attention to drinking water. We have always paid attention to how much water we drink every day, but ignored the water container. Different people like to use cups of different materials, such as glass, ceramic, stainless steel, etc. The materials are different, and the advantages and disadvantages are also different. Today we will take a look at the difference between stainless steel water cups and glass cups. Should I choose a stainless steel water jug or a glass?



Introduction to glass

The glass is divided into ordinary glass and crystal glass.

Ordinary glass does not contain organic chemicals during the firing process, so there is no need to worry about toxic and harmful substances oozing out when drinking water. Among all materials, the glass is relatively safe. The glass water cup is usually made of inorganic silicate, which is fired at a high temperature of more than 600 degrees. Because its chemical composition is relatively stable, no harmful substances will be generated during the firing process; and the glass surface is smooth and easy to clean. Bacteria and dirt are not easy to breed on the wall of the cup.


Stainless steel sports water bottle

Crystal glasses are divided into lead-containing crystal glasses and lead-free crystal glasses. When using lead-containing glasses, it is necessary to avoid containing acidic substances as much as possible to prevent the precipitation of lead, which may cause chronic poisoning for a long time.


Chen Jiaqi, secretary-general of the Plastic Products Subcommittee of the National Food Direct Contact Materials and Products Standardization Technical Committee, once said that the particularly crystal clear glass is used to make works of art and contains a high lead content. It is not recommended to use it as a water cup.


Note: The first time you use the glass, you may be afraid that it will burst due to boiling water. You should pour a little hot water first, shake it gently to preheat the glass, and then pour hot water to use.



Introduction of stainless steel water bottle

Stainless steel sports water bottle are corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, and not fragile. They are often used as stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottle and become the first choice for modern cups. But because it is an alloy product, it may contain a lot of heavy metal substances. If used improperly, these substances are easy to seep out or undergo chemical reactions, which may produce harmful substances.


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When washing large stainless steel water bottle, do not use strong alkaline or strong oxidizing chemicals, such as soda, bleach, etc. When buying stainless steel utensils, try to go to a reputable large supermarket and pay attention to whether there are relevant safety signs on the product packaging.


Tips: Do not use stainless steel sipper water bottle for acidic beverages, such as juice, coffee, carbonated drinks, etc.; also do not hold soy sauce, vinegar, vegetable soup, tea, etc. for a long time.


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