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What Should I Pay Attention to Before and After Summer Sports?

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In summer, the weather is hot and the human body consumes a lot. A lot of exercise will accelerate the loss of water in the body. If you do not pay attention to prevention, the body is prone to a series of problems. Therefore, you must make sufficient preparations( for example, bring a portable water bottle) and preventive measures during exercise. Let's learn about the necessary precautions in summer sports and enjoy sports better!



1. Do Not Move Too Violently

Due to the high temperature in summer, strenuous movements can easily overload your muscles, which can be easily injured. It is very important to master simple rules. During exercise, you need to maintain your original rhythmic movement frequency so that your physical strength will not be wasted easily.


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2. Necessary Stretching Exercises

Although summer temperatures are higher, stretching before and after exercise is also essential. Stretching before exercise can help you relax your muscles and avoid injury during exercise. Stretching training after exercise can improve the soreness caused by the accumulation of lactic acid, and prevent muscle stiffness and blood pooling in the muscles.



3. Scientifically Drinking Water

You can drink some sports drinks before and during exercise to quickly replenish electrolytes for the body. After exercise, it is not recommended to drink sports drinks, which will increase the burden on the body. However, you can add some water appropriately. Just prepare a water bottle to contain water, which is really convenient. As for me, I would choose a sport stainless steel water bottle because it is healthy and eco-friendly. If you want to keep the water in a comfortable temperature, you can also choose a thermo flask water bottle. When you are choosing a stainless water bottle to carry with you when you are doing summer sports, I recommend you to choose from stainless steel sports water bottles, lightweight travel water bottles and hike water bottles,  which are healthy and easy to carry with.


4. Summer Sports Time

Physical exercise in summer is best arranged in the morning, morning and evening when the temperature is relatively cool, because these times can avoid heatstroke and sunstroke.



5. Ensure Adequate Sleep

Good sleep is very important for exercisers. Whether or not sleep is good will directly reflect the state of exercise. Therefore, adequate sleep is very important. People with good sleep will maintain their physical strength and energy during exercise.



6. Summer Sports Wear

In the hot season, you must wear cool and breathable sportswear. Try to choose summer outdoor sportswear with good perspiration effect. It is best to wear sun hats, headscarves, sunglasses, shading your head and face appropriately. The temperature is too high, please try to avoid outdoor sports, consider switching to indoor sports.



7. Reasonable Rest During Summer Sports

When choosing a resting place for outdoor sports, choose a cool place that can avoid the hot sun and is well ventilated.


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8. Don't Cool Down Too Quickly

After exercise, the body will feel very hot. Many people will immediately cool themselves down by various methods. In fact, when sweating profusely, if the temperature is immediately lowered, the capillaries in the skin will expand and the metabolism of various organs will increase rapidly. This is more unfavorable to your health, and may even cause a cold. Therefore, the correct approach is to let yourself rest first, then dry your body, then wash off the sweat from your body with warm water, and put on your clothes in time. In this way, sports injuries can be reduced as much as possible.


According to the tips mentioned above, check what you have neglected when you do sports in summer. As for me, personalised insulated water bottles can be the most useful item to bring during summer sports. A stainless steel sipper water bottle really improves my feeling during sports and enough drinking water keeps me energetic.

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