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What Kind of Water Is Suitable to Drink After Exercise?

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We must carefully choose to drink water after exercise, not all aquatic products are suitable. So what kind of water should we drink after exercise? What should we pay attention to after exercise? We will discuss these issues together below.


What Water to Drink After Exercise?


1. Plain water. Plain boiled water is the easiest. During exercise, water is dispersed and lost. Therefore, hydration is the top priority after exercise. Other lost ingredients can be supplemented with meals after exercise. Under normal circumstances, in order to be able to replenish water in time, you can choose your favorite one from the three types: stainless steel drink bottle, stainless steel travel bottle and insulated drink bottle. The above bottles are most suitable for winter sports.


2. Alkaline beverages. The body heat increases during strenuous activity. Sweating is the main heat dissipation method. After a lot of sweating, you need to replenish water in time, otherwise it will not only cause fatigue and temperature regulation disorders, but also cause the accumulation of acidic metabolites, which will lead to fatigue and decreased exercise capacity. Therefore, the suitable drink for exercise is an alkaline drink with a sugar content of less than 5% and inorganic salts such as potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium.


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3. Vegetable juice. Vegetable juice contains a lot of nutrients needed by the human body. Moreover, vegetable juice is low in calories. Drinking vegetable juice after exercise can not only timely add water and other nutrients to the human body, but also help detoxification and digestion, which is beneficial to weight loss. You'd better put the squeezed fresh vegetable juice into the stainless steel mug with handle or the stainless steel mug with lid after exercising.


4. Sports drinks. If you want to drink water during exercise, it is recommended to choose sports drinks. Because sports drinks contain glucose and other ingredients, it can make the small intestine absorption faster, thereby adding more energy to the body. But remember, orange juice is acidic and it is best not to keep in contact with the stainless steel mug.


Precautions for Exercise


1. Be prepared to prevent strain. A person’s muscles will contract after a night’s sleep. If you directly exercise vigorously, you will easily strain your muscles, which will seriously affect your life.


2. Do not overdo it step by step. Some people think that a large amount of exercise is necessary for the body to practice well, and the resistance is strong. In fact, it is not the case. Exercise is just like eating and sleeping.


3. Sports protection to prevent injury. Because human muscles and ligaments tend to reflexively cause vasoconstriction in the environment where the temperature begins to drop in autumn, and the physiological mobility of joints is reduced, it is very easy to cause sports injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. Therefore, you must pay attention to the method of exercise during each exercise. In addition to doing adequate preparation activities, you must pay attention to the range and intensity of the exercise. Don't force yourself to do some more difficult movements.


4. Do not exercise on an empty stomach in the morning. We must eat breakfast before going out for exercise. Because after a night of digestion, there is no food in our body, and the body naturally has no energy.


5. Do not exercise if you have enough food and drink. After a meal, the blood circulation in the digestive system is greatly increased, while the blood circulation in other parts of the body will be relatively reduced. If you start exercising immediately, the digestion process will be blocked and the stomach and intestines will easily get sick.


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How Long Can We drink water After exercise?


Generally speaking, if the amount of exercise is not large, you can add water immediately, or about 100ml once 5 minutes later. At least 10 minutes between each two. At this time, you have to prepare two sizes of water bottles in advance, 350ml water bottle or 500ml water bottle.



However, it is not advisable to replenish water immediately after strenuous exercise. You can only rinse your mouth or swallow no more than 50ml of water. It is still advised to use 100ml once.


In fact, in my opinion, customizing travel glasses with scales and water bottles with custom logos is also meaningful. Preparing a portable water bottle during exercise is also a practice of environmental protection.

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