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What Is The Difference Between A Thermos Cup And A Cold Cup?

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The thermos cup is made of ceramic or stainless steel, and a vacuum layer is added as a water container for protection from the outside. The lid of the vacuum flask and the vacuum layer can slow down the heat loss of the water flow in the cup, so the vacuum flask with excellent sealing degree can keep the heat for a long time. Insulation cups are very common, but the idea of cold insulation cups is a bit unfamiliar and awkward. As the name suggests, the cold preservation cup is to keep the ice water cold in the hot summer. What this article will introduce for you is the difference between a thermos cup and a cold cup. Popular vacuum flasks on the market include vacuum insulated water bottle, double insulated water bottle, insulated kids water bottle and so on.

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Can The Thermos Keep Cold?


Just like the working principle of the vacuum flask mentioned above, the vacuum flask is actually a cup that keeps the temperature. The temperature is naturally divided into cold and hot. The vacuum layer of the thermos cup destroys the temperature convection and conduction conditions, so that hot water is put in the cup. The heat can't get out, and the cold and warm outside can't get in. And if it is put into ice water, the ice water can also maintain a certain low temperature and will not emit the cold air. Therefore, the thermos cup can keep cold. The stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottle has both heat preservation and cold preservation functions.


The Difference Between Thermos Cup And Cold Cup


Insulation cup and cold preservation cup, in fact, there is not much difference between the two. The cold cup is just a kind of alternative thermos cup. The main difference between the two is the different opening. Compared with the thermos cup, the cold preservation cup lacks the lid in the general design. For example, insulated tumblers with lids and stainless steel insulated coffee mug with lids are designed as containers for storing hot water. Therefore, in order to prevent the mouth from being burned, many thermos mugs of life and home brands will design a cup lid that can be used as a cup. Users can choose to drink directly or use the lid to pour a little hot water and let it cool. This design  is specially for the thermos cup to prevent accidental scalding.


vacuum insulated water bottle

But in terms of design principles, there is not much difference between a thermos cup and a cold cup. But because the cold storage cup does not have the humanized design of the thermos cup, if it is used as a container for holding hot water, you must remember to burn the mouth to ensure that the water temperature is suitable for drinking, otherwise it will be very easy to burn. And whether it is a vacuum flask or a cold-preserving cup, in fact, it is not filled with water to maintain the best thermal insulation effect. If the water level exceeds 90%, their effectiveness will actually be discounted. In addition, when choosing a thermos cup and a cold storage cup, you should also choose a container that has a smooth and odor-free appearance, and that does not appear to be hot after injecting boiling water.


A person's life is inseparable from stainless steel tumbler cups, stainless steel insulated cups and vacuum sealed coffee mugs. As the weather is getting colder, a double insulated water bottle is needed for a delicate life.

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