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What Is A Mug?

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Mug is a type of cup, which refers to a cup with a large handle. Mug is generally used for hot drinks such as milk, coffee and tea. Some western countries have the habit of drinking soup in mugs during work breaks. The cup body is generally standard cylindrical or similar cylindrical, and one side of the cup body has a handle. The shape of the handle of the mug is usually a half ring, and the material is various including pure porcelain, glazed porcelain, glass, plastic and stainless-steel mugs. There are also a few mugs made of natural stone, which are generally more expensive.

stainless-steel mug



Classification of Mugs

Zipper Mug

The designer designed a zipper on the body of the stainless mug, leaving an opening naturally. This opening is not a decoration. With this opening, the sling of the tea bag can be placed here. It is both styling and practical.


Double Mug

Whether you are brewing coffee or tea, you have to use hot water, so the hot water will always be hot to your hands. This time the designer thought of a solution and made the steel mug into two layers, which is good for heat preservation, but also prevents hot hands.


Electric Mug

What should I do if I don’t have a teaspoon to make coffee? We have electric stirring steel coffee mugs. Coffee, fruit jelly, milk tea, everything that needs to be stirred can be done with one button.


Letter Mug

During the meeting, everyone came with thermos mug with handles, and it was embarrassing to use the wrong cup. Letter mugs help you solve this problem. The handle of each mug is designed as a letter, and each person has a letter.


Color Changing Mug

When hot or warm water is poured into the cup, the pattern on the outside of the steel mugs for tea will change color according to the temperature. After the drinking cup is poured into hot water, the heat-sensitive liquid in the interlayer cavity will change in color and rise into the graphic channel of the inner cup, making the wall of the cup show an artistic pattern.


stainless-steel mug


How to Judge the Quality of Mugs

1. Look

When we get a steel mug with lid, we must first look at its appearance and its texture. The appearance of a good mug is smooth, the color is even, and the mouth is not deformed. Then it depends on whether the handle of the cup is installed upright. If it is skewed, it means that the cup is a defective product, and there is no glaze reduction in the connection with the cup body. If it does, it means that the workmanship of the cup is not fine enough. We can also aim the cup in the sun. A good mug should have a certain degree of light transmission.



To listen to the sound of a simple modern coffee mug, we can flick the body of the mug with our fingers. A good mug will make a crisp clinking sound. If the sound is not clear, you can judge that the mug is made of mixed materials. Similarly, we need to listen to the sound at the junction of the lid and the body. If the sound is clear and has a small echo, it means that the quality of the cup is good.



You should touch the cup with your hands to feel whether the mug is smooth. Also you should note that the bottom of the cup must not have the phenomenon of sticking due to improper operation of the glazing process.


The above are three simple ways to identify the quality of a mug. If you pursue personality, you can continue to customize your own personalized stainless-steel travel mugs.

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