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Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer

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People are particularly thirsty in summer and need to drink water at any time. Not paying attention to drinking plenty of water after exercise or being dehydrated at work will slow blood fluidity, which is very easy to produce venous thrombosis, block blood vessels, and cause poor central nervous system information content. Therefore, vacuum flask water bottle and stainless water bottle are always available in the office in summer. The following will introduce in detail several ways to keep your body hydrated in summer.


Eat More Fruits And Vegetables


There are many types of fresh fruits in summer. Eating apples is also a major source of water for our body. The moisture content of fruits and vegetables exceeds 70% of their own. Melon has a beneficial effect on urination, which can promote the rapid formation of urine in the human body and help us to balance the water in the human body. Oriental melon has the effect of clearing heat, resolving phlegm and quenching thirst. In fact, Oriental melon is also one of the top moisturizing and moisturizing products that have been underestimated.


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Moisturizing Spray


Ladies who stay in the central air-conditioning room for a long time in the office or at home should have a water spray. It is best to apply it every two or three hours to replenish the moisture out of the skin anytime and anywhere. In addition, cleansing cloths and wet tissue paper can also come in handy at this moment. Use wet tissue paper to gently wipe the skin of the arm and face to keep the skin fresh and clean at all times.


Drink A Glass Before Each Meal


Generally speaking, drinking 8 glasses of water a day is relatively reasonable. The benefits of drinking water before meals are many. First of all, it can improve the body's immunity to a certain extent, thereby reducing the chance of illness. In addition, water can make the hematopoietic system function normally. Drinking water before meals can also prevent cancer. And drinking water before meals can promote the peristalsis of gastrointestinal function, and can promote the absorption of nutrients during meals. Wide mouth thermos flask, stainless steel mug with handle, and thermos mug with handle are often available in general offices or homes.


Avoid Sugary Drinks And Consume Caffeine in Moderation


Beverages with high sugar content and caffeine-containing beverages often act as diuretics. Don't feel that plain water has no taste and tastes bad, so choose a variety of drinks. Studies have confirmed that plain boiled water has special physiological activities, which can better promote metabolism and improve immune function. It is best to prepare a stainless steel mug with lid with a scale on the desk, which will provide you with an appropriate amount of plain water. If you need to drink moderate coffee for refreshing, I suggest you choose double wall stainless steel coffee mug with lid or stainless steel insulated coffee mug with lid.


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Drink Water or Use A Straw Instead of Swallowing


When you are thirsty, you should not drink violently at one time, you should drink multiple times. And each drink is small in order to facilitate the body's absorption. It is advisable to use 100ml to 150ml each time, with an interval of half an hour. The role of water bottle with straw is obvious.


It is recommended that you take a week or two to record the feeling of drinking more water and not drinking water every day. You can also set a daily drinking goal, and set a timer every one or two hours to remind you to pick up water bottles with custom logo to drink water.


Moreover, the method of squeezing various vegetable juices and adding fruits and vitamin C to the water is also extremely practical. You only need to put these drinks in the unique water bottles and take them with you.

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