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The Importance of Alkalizing the Body

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Today, we're surrounded by ads for packaged foods like oatmeal and must-have desserts. It seems natural for us to go to fast food restaurants and order takeout every day. We eat processed bread and packaged oatmeal for breakfast, artificial flavors and additives for lunch, and frozen dinners filled with sugar and salt.


We've been conditioned to think it's healthy. If you look around the supermarket, 90% of the food is processed and packaged in a variety of beautifully printed cans, bags or boxes. Fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables make up even less than 10 percent, which is bad for our physical status. What we can do now is to choose the best food possible. By keeping our bodies alkaline, we can maintain our health and longevity.


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A simple way to alkalize your body is to start the day by drinking a glass of warm water and squeezing half a fresh lemon juice into it. Lemons are acidic fruits, but they will become pure alkalinity when ingested. This keeps your body in a healthy pH balance throughout the day. Human pH is best at 7.2pH. Eating too much animal meat, dairy products, processed foods, sugar, coffee, and alcohol, and even mental stress, can lower the body pH below 7.0 and make it more acidic.


When you are at home, it is best to keep a stainless steel water bottle at home. Due to the good performance of the stainless steel bottle, its heat preservation time is longer, and can make the lemonade fully soaked. When you travel, you can fill a mug thermos with lemonade to alkalize your body and make you feel good.


In the face of a wide variety of kettles on the market, we generally do not know how to choose. When you buy the stainless steel bottle, I think the best stainless steel water bottle do not depend on the steel bottle price, but the performance.


The study found that the introduction of artificial sugars into the market may have contributed to a sharp rise in obesity rates starting in the 1980s. Sugar is a very addictive substance. Like cocaine, it rapidly alters hunger hormones, unconsciously normalizing eating and drinking. Once sugar is processed in the body's system, the body unconsciously craves carbohydrates. Unfortunately, cancer cells like sugar and the fermentation process. But cancer cells wither in a purely alkaline body. Remove the sugar and the cancer will not survive. Alkalizing the body can even make the cancer go away. Here, you can see the relationship between eating processed foods and disease.




Green leafy vegetables

The most effective way to alkalinize your body is to eat more leafy greens, such as spinach and cucumbers. Leafy greens are high in alkaline, which suppresses sugar cravings and boosts the immune system.


Therefore, in order to be healthy, we need to drink more water .It is even more important for travelers to stay hydrated. For the convenience of travelers, there are many travel water bottles on the market now, including the best water bottle for traveling abroad, the best water bottle for air travel, the best water bottle for cruise, the insulated travel water bottle.


In general, to correct the acidic body, you should start by reducing your intake of processed foods and drink a warm glass of lemonade every morning. Then, increase your intake of green leafy vegetables in your diet.

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