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How to replenish water after exercise?

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After strenuous exercise, proper water supplements can effectively help the body maintain its function. But if the way of replenishing water is wrong, the body may be damaged.



Drinking too much water after exercise will hurt your body


After exercise, drinking a large amount of water at once will quickly dilute the blood concentration and bring a huge burden to the heart. Especially just after exercise, the load of the heart needs to be relieved for a certain period of time. If you drink too fast, the blood volume will increase too fast, which will aggravate the heart burden, cause electrolyte disorders such as potassium and sodium in the body, and even cause heart failure, chest tightness and abdominal distension. In addition, excessive drinking will make the body reflexive sweating, making the body once again in danger of overdraft. If you drink too fast or too quickly, you will easily swallow the air into your body, causing abdominal distension, abdominal pain and other adverse reactions. Therefore, we can choose to use stainless-steel sipper water bottles or stainless-steel sports water bottles to drink water. They can help us control the amount of water we drink each time.


vacuum stainless-steel water bottle


Drinking water should be gentle and frequent

Scientific water replenishment should follow the principle of initiative and a small amount of many times. Marathon professional athletes will hold the bottle mouth when replenishing water, so as to reduce the amount of water replenishment for a single time, and replenish many times, so as to achieve rapid and effective water replenishment effects. Therefore, the correct way is to keep the speed of water supply gentle, and intermittent multiple times. The amount of drinking water should not be more than 200 ml each time, and there should be at least 15 minutes interval between the two supplements. We can buy small caliber custom stainless-steel water bottles or personalised insulated water bottles according to personal circumstances.



What kind of water should we drink?

Natural mineral water or sports drinks are preferred. During exercise, a lot of sweat will be lost, of which 98% - 99% is water, and the rest is urea, lactic acid, fatty acids and various electrolytes. Excessive loss of electrolytes in the body has a serious impact on exercise ability and health. Therefore, it is necessary to replenish water and mineral elements after a large amount of exercise. Water is the main supplement fluid for exercise within 1 hour, and sports drinks are recommended for longer than 1 hour or in extreme climates. Purified water is not suitable for use as drinking water during or after exercise because it does not contain minerals. In addition, internal organs are also in a high temperature after exercise. Drinking too much ice water will cause diarrhea and aggravate dehydration. When strenuous exercise, pharyngeal capillary is in dilated state, suddenly catch cold stimulation, also easy to cause larynx inflammation, cough. Lightweight water bottles for travel and stainless-steel travel water bottles are not only suitable for travel, but also suitable for use after gym exercise.


vacuum stainless-steel water bottle


It's important to replenish water before exercise

Don't neglect the water supplement before exercise. If you don't pay attention to the timely replenishment of water before and during exercise, it will accelerate the appearance of dehydration symptoms. It is better to replenish water about 300 ml within 2 hours to half an hour before exercise. When the weather is hot, the sportsman should also add 250-500 ml of water. Don't drink soda before or after exercise. The carbon dioxide it contains will make the stomach bloated, which is not conducive to exercise and health. After exercise, it takes a while for your heart to recover, so try not to drink water immediately. We can rest for about 10 minutes and then drink water slowly after the heart rate returns to normal. So, remember to take your single wall stainless water bottle or vacuum stainless-steel water bottle with you before you go out for sports. They can help you replenish the water in time.



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