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How to Remove the Peculiar Smell of the Vacuum Flask

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After using the stainless-steel vacuum flask for a long time, it is easy to have peculiar smell. This peculiar smell not only affects our drinking water, but also affects our health. Next, we will introduce some methods to remove the peculiar smell of the thermos.



Methods of Removing the Peculiar Smell of the Vacuum Flask


1. Baking Soda

You can pour hot water into the tea thermos flask, and add baking soda, shake it, let it stand for a few minutes. Then pour it to remove all the peculiar smell and scale.


stainless-steel vacuum flask

2. Salt Water

Salt water will be helpful. You can pour it into the thermos vacuum insulated bottle, shake it and let it stand for a while, then pour it and rinse with water.


3. Toothpaste

Toothpaste can not only clean the teeth, but also remove the peculiar smell in the stainless-steel thermos flask. You can use toothpaste to clean the cup and the peculiar smell will disappear immediately.


4. Boil

You can put the steel flask bottle into the water and boil it for 5 minutes, then wash it with water.


5. Orange Peel

Clean the inside of the thermo flask water bottle with detergent firstly, then put the fresh orange peel into the cup, and tighten the lid of the cup, leave it for about four hours, and finally clean the inside of the cup. Orange peel can also be replaced with lemon, the method is same.


6. Milk

You can also pour half a cup of warm water into the insulated flask bottle, then pour a few spoons of milk, shake it gently, leave it for a few minutes, then pour it out. Finally, you need to wash it with water to remove the peculiar smell.



Misunderstanding of the Thermos Cup

1. Use a Thermos Cup to Make Tea

Tea water is prone to rancidity in a high temperature environment for a long time. The tea polyphenols, vitamin C and other nutrients in the tea will be lost, and the protein, sugar and other nutrients in the tea will become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold growth. If you use a vacuum insulated flask to drink tea, do not drink the tea after it has kept warm for more than four hours, otherwise it will easily cause diarrhea.


2. The Insulation Effect of the Thermos Cup Has Always Been Very Good

The insulation effect of the insulated thermos bottle will gradually become worse with time, because the general vacuum cannot reach an absolute vacuum, so a getter is added to the cup to absorb the remaining air. The getter will have a shelf life, and the heat preservation effect will deteriorate after the warranty.


stainless-steel vacuum flask

3. Foreign Brands Are Better than Domestic Brands

There are not obvious differences between domestic brands and foreign brands of insulated vacuum bottle in thermal insulation effect. Of course, lacking strict quality control and technical aspects are common problems in China. But compared with domestically produced vacuum flasks, the price of vacuum flasks from foreign brands is often several times that of domestic brands, but the insulation effect may only be 2 hours longer.


4. The Thermos Is Always Keeping Warm

The length of the heat preservation time does represent the advanced production technology of the thermos cup, but the ordinary thermos cup does not need so long insulation effect. Just imagine if you find that the water in the cup is still hot after the office for a morning and you can’t drink it, that will be a little inconvenient.

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