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How to Keep Your Mind Sharp by Drinking Water?

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Water is an essential nutrient for the human body. If a person loses 15% to 20% of his body weight, his life will end. The process of human aging is the process of gradual reduction of cell moisture. The reduction of cell moisture is accompanied by cell shrinkage and reduced elasticity, wrinkles appear in the human body and some organs shrink.


Water is essential for the metabolism of substances in the body. Nutrients can be fully absorbed when they are dissolved in water. Water can regulate body temperature. Because water has a large specific heat capacity, it can absorb more heat without increasing its temperature. The heat of evaporation of water is large, so a small amount of sweat can evaporate a large amount of heat. Replenishing water in time is very important. The following types of kettles at home can provide convenience for you to drink water in time, such as wellness double wall stainless steel bottle, personalised insulated water bottle and single wall stainless water bottle.


personalised insulated water bottle

The importance of keeping hydrated to the brain is also very obvious. Studies have shown that staying hydrated at work is as important as the need to hydrate the marathon runners participating in the competition. Generally, athletes will prepare stainless vacuum flask, vacuum stainless steel water bottle and sport stainless steel water bottle during the competition.


Symptoms of Dehydration


The sign of dehydration is more than just feeling thirsty. If the body water loss reaches 2% of the rest weight, you will feel dry mouth. The function of the kidneys will increase the catabolism of water, the water transported to the bladder will become less and less, and the color of urine will increase. When the water loss reaches 4% of the rest weight, it will pass out. This is equivalent to riding a bicycle for 3 hours without drinking water in an extremely hot natural environment.


If the body's water loss reaches 7% of the remaining body weight, it will cause damage to human organs. When the human body loses 10% of its weight, there is a threat of death.


personalised insulated water bottle

The most obvious symptoms of dehydration are moodiness, headaches and fatigue. Staying hydrated throughout the day can alleviate all the above symptoms and even prevent them from happening. Drinking one liter of water every day can even relieve headaches and ensure a sharp mind. You can prepare water bottle with filter, portable water bottle and stainless steel insulatde bottle.


If a cooler is not available, installing a good filtration system on the existing faucet can also ensure healthy drinking water at all times. After the tap water is boiled, the chloride in it will be evaporated, and some pathogenic microorganisms will be killed. When boiling water daily, open the lid of the vacuum flask water bottle after the water starts to boil, and let the water boil for 2-3 minutes, so that some chlorine in the water and residual harmful substances can be evaporated.

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