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How to Clean the Thermos Cup before First Use?

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Before the insulated vacuum bottle is used for the first time, it must be cleaned scientifically to increase the use time. The maintenance determines the service life of the stainless-steel vacuum flask. So, how to clean the vacuum flask before it is used firstly?



Methods of Cleaning the Vacuum Flask before First Use


1. After buying a thermos vacuum insulated bottle, you should read the manual firstly. Generally, there are instructions on it, but many people don't read it, so that they cannot use it correctly, and the insulation effect is not good. When you open the lid of the thermos cup, there is also a button like a plastic water bottle stopper inside. This is mainly used for sealing and it is also the key to heat preservation. Then you need some cold water to rinse it, and press the button to let the water flow out. This will remove some of the dust inside the button.


insulated vacuum bottle

2. Some steel vacuum flask may contain polishing powder, so after the first cleaning, you need to wash it with warm water and appropriate amount of neutral detergent.


3. As you can see, there is a rubber ring in the lid which can be removed. It is recommended to remove it and clean it. Generally, there is thick dust on it. If it has some special smells, you can use warm water. Remember do not boil the thermo flask water bottle for a long time.


4. You should not wipe the surface of the insulated flask bottle with hard objects, which will damage the silk screen on the surface. When cleaning, it is better to put a small amount of boiling water and then pour it out. At last, you need to put the bottle in the boiled water for better heat preservation.


5. The above are just some necessary operations before use. The vacuum insulated flask can keep water warm and keep water cold. If you want to keep water cold, you can add some ice cubes for better effects.



Precautions for Cleaning Stainless-Steel Vacuum Flask

The cleaning of stainless-steel thermos flask is exquisite. Detergent and salt cannot be used for cleaning. Because the inner container of the vacuum flask is sandblasted and electrolyzed, the inner container after electrolysis should avoid the direct contact between water and the stainless-steel material to cause a physical reaction. Both salt and detergent may damage it, so that you should not use these.


insulated vacuum bottle


Precautions for the Use of Vacuum Flask

Except for precautions of cleaning the bottle, you should also be careful when using to prolong the service life of vacuum flask. You can use a small amount of boiling water or ice water to preheat or pre-cool for 1 minute before use, the effect of heat preservation and cold preservation will be better. After filling the insulated thermos bottle with hot water, you should be sure to close the lid tightly to avoid scalds caused by water leakage. If you fill in excessive hot water, there will be water leakage. Please refer to the water volume location in the manual. And you should not put the following beverages in the thermos : dry ice, carbonated drinks, salty liquids, milk and milk beverages.


When using, you should not place the vacuum flask water bottle near the fire source to avoid deformation. Besides, you should not place it in the reach of children, and be careful not to let children play the bottle, as there is a danger of scalds. When putting hot drinks in the cup, be careful of scalds. You should not put the vacuum flask in the dishwasher, dryer, or microwave otherwise the bottle will explode.

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