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How to Clean Coffee Cups?

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Nowadays, with the acceleration of the pace of work, people's life pressure is also increasing. In order to improve work efficiency, many people have to work overtime in the evening. Working overtime can make people feel particularly drowsy. At this time, coffee appears. Coffee has a refreshing and brainwashing effect. People have become more and more coffee drinkers, and the coffee cup has become an important tool in our lives.


The flavor of coffee will change with the cup. The same coffee will feel different sour taste due to the shape and material of the cup. Someone once said, "Don't be restricted by tedious principles when choosing coffee, choose what you like is the best." In order to meet the personalized needs of contemporary people, various kinds of coffee cups come into our sight. The difference between the stainless steel coffee mug and the steel coffee mug is the stainless steel coffee mug has good insulation performance. Nowadays, more and more people are willing to take a stainless steel coffee cup with them when they go out.

stainless steel coffee mug


Besides, the vacuum coffee mug has a double-layer structure, which can be broken heat treatment. It has good cooling and heating function, and the bottle is not hot. My favorite coffee cup is the insulated coffee cup with handle. It allows me to drink coffee without worrying about getting burned on the bottle.


However, if the coffee cup has been used for a long time or has not been cleaned in time after drinking coffee, which may easily lead to the coffee stain on the coffee cup is difficult to remove. At that time, no matter it is stainless steel coffee mug with lid and the stainless steel insulated coffee mug, you will feel very uncomfortable. So, how to effectively clean coffee cups?


1. Clean in time

When we finish drinking coffee, we should pay attention to clean up in time. After drinking it, we should rinse it with clean water immediately. In this way, we can keep the cup clean, while good quality coffee will not leave coffee stains easily. As long as you develop a good habit of cleaning in time, there will be no later coffee stains that are difficult to clean.



2. Lemonade

For a coffee cup that is used for a long time, a stain will be left if it is not cleaned in time. At this time, you can soak in lemonade in the cup for 30 minutes, and then rinse it off with clean water, which can also remove stains from the coffee cup. That is great for the stainless steel reusable coffee cup.

stainless steel coffee mug




For stubborn coffee dirt, we can use a sponge to dip a little detergent, then gently wipe the coffee cup, and then rinse it off with water. When cleaning the coffee cup, you can't use a brush because it is too hard, especially for the stainless steel insulated coffee mug with lid, and we can't use a strong acid or strong alkaline cleaning agent, so as not to scratch or corrode the coffee cup.


When buying a coffee cup, considering its insulation performance, we usually choose a mug thermos. It keeps the coffee at a constant temperature and makes it very pleasant to drink. When traveling, we can choose the stainless steel travel coffee mug. Its appearance solves the annoyance of many love travelers.


In fact, the method of cleaning coffee cups is something we can do in our daily life. Don't wait until the stains are serious before paying attention. As long as we form a good habit, we can clean it up in time after drinking coffee and solve the problem.

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