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How to Arrange the Drinking Time in the Day Is Correct?

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According to the survey, there are nearly 100 million people with various types of kidney disease in my country, and they are becoming younger. Even children under 10 getting kidney diseases are not uncommon! There are many reasons for this, and bad drinking habits are also one of the most important reasons. Let’s choose a high quality water bottle and learn how to drink water correctly.


1. The Three Drinking Habits that "Destroy the Kidney"


Drink water when you are thirsty; drink the beverage as water; drink strong tea for a long time.



high quality water bottle

2. The Correct Way to Drink Water

Take A Stainless Steel Water Bottle with you and drink timely

We need to drink water timely, so a portable water bottle what can be carried with is necessary. Steel water bottles are the most popular water bottles for people of all  ages. Insulated stainless steel water bottles are not easy to break even when they hit the tough ground, which makes them safe to carry with.


Take A Sip and Soak the Entire Mouth before Drinking.

In this way, the biological feedback mechanism can be used to convey the thirst center and let the body cells know that there is water to enter the body for full absorption.


Sip Slowly and Take It Easy.

The body is like a stove, so you need to drink slowly so that the body can have sufficient time for metabolism.


Drink Warm Water to Quench Your Thirst.

Compared with cold water, warm water is gentler to the body and not irritating. The body can complete a better biological feedback response to the thirst center without additional reactions, so it is more helpful for the body to absorb and utilize, thereby quenching thirst. In this case, insulated water bottles, such as double insulated water bottles and vacuum insulated water bottles, are needed to keep water warm.


The Best Drink Is Plain Water.

Unless there are special health problems, try not to use other water instead of plain water. The correct way of drinking water can not only prevent kidney disease, but also eliminate potential diseases in advance.



3. Timetable for Drinking Water Correctly

6:30-After a night of sleep, the body will start to lack water. After getting up, you can drink a small glass of water with a stainless mug to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, which is beneficial to health.


8:30—In the morning, the time is generally tight and the mood is relatively tense. You can drink a glass of water to relieve it to prevent dehydration.


11:00-After a morning of work, you can get up and move around at this time and drink a glass of water in thermos with handle by the way to replenish the lost water.


12:50-Half an hour after eating lunch, you can drink a glass of water, which can not only dilute the excessive salt intake during lunch, but also promote digestion and help keep in shape.


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15:00-After a day of study and work, 3 pm is a period of sleepiness. You can drink a glass of water to refresh your mind, restore your consciousness, and continue your study.


17:30-You can drink a glass of water before getting off work to replenish water and increase the feeling of fullness. Naturally, you don't eat so much for dinner. If you want to lose weight, you can try it.


1 to half an hour before going to bed-you can drink some water to prepare enough water for the blood circulation at night, but not too much, so as not to wake up frequently at night and affect the quality of sleep.


Many people think that drinking water is an instinctive reaction, and there is nothing to pay attention to. But in fact, drinking water is also about the right time and way. Drinking water is not about how much, but about whether you will drink.

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