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How Should Girls Maintain Their Health in Summer?

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Weather the summer is hot, people all sweat a lot, so nutrients are easily lost. Therefore, women should pay attention to health preservation in summer, especially to keep warm, eat less raw and cold food, reduce air conditioning, exercise more, and do steam baths to achieve the purpose of sweating and detoxification. So, how do women maintain their health in summer?


1. Dietary Conditioning


In summer, you must also pay attention to a reasonable diet. Summer is a period of high incidence of female gynecological diseases, and the possibility of recurrence is prone to appear. In addition, the human digestive system becomes fragile in summer, so the summer health diet should focus on strengthening the spleen, clearing away heat and dampness, and reducing heat and promoting body fluid.


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It is best to choose a lighter diet, and eat less greasy, indigestible food. The best summer diets include watermelon, cucumber, melon, tomato, green tea, mung bean soup, etc. But do not eat food that is too cold, or it will hurt the stomach and intestines.


2. Outdoor Sports


Summer is suitable for outdoor sports. Effective exercise can make women fusion of yin and yang, qi and blood, unblock the blood and meridians, and promote metabolism, detoxification and beauty. Because the summer weather is relatively hot, it is recommended to exercise in the morning or evening. You can choose jogging, brisk walking, walking, aerobics, yoga and other sports. Don't be afraid of sweating too much in summer. Sweating when it is time to sweat can have an effective detoxification effect. In addition, the air conditioner should not be used excessively to avoid air conditioning disease. You can carry double wall vacuum flask, slim thermos bottle or stainless steel travel mug with you when you are outdoors.


In order to drink water at any time, it is very convenient to carry a stainless steel mug with lid or a stainless steel tumbler cup.


3. Drink Hot Tea


In summer, many people like to drink cold drinks to relieve heat, but cold drinks can only eliminate the heat at the time and temporarily reduce the temperature, but it cannot really relieve heat. In fact, drinking hot tea in summer can relieve heat and thirst. Because hot tea is good for sweat glands to wick away perspiration, it can achieve the effect of heat dissipation, and tea can improve the spleen and stomach's ability to transport water to the body. Using single wall stainless steel water bottle, stainless thermos bottle and vacuum flask water bottle can maintain the water hot for some time.

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4. Soak Feet in Hot Water


In summer, women can use hot water to soak their feet in hot water. The temperature of the water is 42℃~45℃. The best time is 15-30 minutes. The foot bath should at least cover the surface of the instep. The effect of soaking the calf will be better. Soaking feet in hot water can make the blood flow smoothly, increase the blood flow rate and flow of the feet, enhance metabolism, promote sleep, and relieve back pain. It is recommended that women who are afraid of cold wear thin cotton socks before going to bed at night.


The above points are of great benefit to women's summer health. Among them, outdoor sports and drinking hot tea are not limited to summer. In winter, you can also carry a stainless travel mug and vacuum insulated cup with you.

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