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How Does Water Prevent Kidney Stones?

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Three Causes of Kidney Stones


The main reason for the formation of kidney stones is diet. It is caused by excessive intake of related components in the diet that can form stones. If too much oxalic acid accumulates in the body, it can easily cause kidney stones. For example, spinach, beans, grapes, oranges, tomatoes, potatoes, bamboo shoots and other foods that people generally like to eat are foods with high oxalic acid.


Furthermore, animal offal, seafood, peanuts, beans, spinach, etc., all contain more purines. After purine enters the body, it needs to be metabolized. The final product of its metabolism is uric acid, which can promote the precipitation of oxalate in urine. If one eats too many purine-rich foods at a time, the metabolism of purines will become abnormal, and oxalate is deposited in the urine to form urinary stones.


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Finally, the fat intake is excessive, because fat will reduce the calcium that can be combined in the intestines, which will increase the absorption of oxalate.


So how to prevent the formation of kidney stones? Drinking water is the simplest answer. Water is not only the best way to avoid kidney stones, but if you do have kidney stones, it can also help cure them.


3 Ways Water Can Prevent or Treat Kidney Stones


(1)  Hydration


Generally speaking, the simplest and most effective way to prevent kidney stones is to drink plenty of water, increase fluid intake, and promote urination. However, how to drink water and prevent stones must be particular. People with stone physique should have a daily fluid intake of about 2500 ml, which is the amount of 5 bottles of mineral water. However, this total amount is not for everyone to drink it all at once, but to be divided into multiple drinks, each drinking 300-500ml. Since the effect of drinking water on kidney stones is obvious, it is also beneficial to choose your favorite water bottle to drink water. At this time, you need to choose stainless steel water bottle 500ml and stainless steel water bottle 1000ml. The stainless steel sports water bottle is suitable for replenishing water during exercise.


Nowadays, custom insulated water bottles and custom stainless steel water bottles are also very common.


(2) Reduce sodium


Large amounts of sodium will cause the calcium level in the urine to rise. The higher the calcium content in urine, the easier it is to form kidney stones. At the same time, the high sodium content in the blood will affect the kidney's ability to effectively clean the body. Drinking a lot of water will reduce the amount of sodium in the body through excrement. The healthier the water you drink, the more balanced the sodium content will be. That being the case, why not choose a unique water bottle or a personalised stainless steel water bottle to drink healthy water?


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(3) Correct nutrition


Carbonated drinks are also a type of drinking water. Another preventive benefit of drinking water is that when infused with certain fruits, it can provide you with the right nutrients. Lemons and limes contain natural citrate, which binds to calcium in the urine. This helps prevent calcium from reacting with other chemicals and hardening into stone. In addition, citrate can also keep the acidity of urine low, and uric acid will not crystallize into stones.


In summary, moderate drinking is essential to prevent kidney stones. Water can clean your kidneys, reduce the sodium content in your body, and has additional benefits after infusion of fruit.


In summary, drinking moderate amounts of water can effectively prevent kidney stones and reduce the chance of stone formation. Then you need to keep a stainless steel water bottle, a metal insulated water bottle and a sport stainless steel water bottle which are suitable for different occasions.

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