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Difference between Single-layer Cup and Double-layer Cup

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There are many types of cups, and the cups we see on the market now mainly include glass cups, ceramic cups, stainless-steel vacuum flask and many others. The use of different cups is also different. Most cups are with single wall or double walls. Plastic cups, glass cups and stainless-steel thermos flask all have single and double layers. Why do cups have single and double layers? Which one is better, a single-layer cup or a double-layer cup? And what are the differences between a double wall flask and a single-layer cup? The answers are as followed.

thermoflask stainless steel


There are many benefits of plastic water cups, and these benefits are not available in cups of other materials. Double-layer plastic cups have all the functions of single-layer plastic cups. In addition, the double-layer plastic cups also have the functions of heat preservation and heat insulation that single-layer plastic cups do not have. In fact, in addition to plastic water cup, the double-layer glass cups and the double wall stainless steel flask have the same advantages. The advantages and disadvantages of the glass cup are obvious. The typical advantage of the glass cup is its safety. The strong thermal conductivity and fragility are the two typical shortcomings of the singe-layer glass cup. Although the double-layer glass cup still cannot get rid of its characteristic of fragile, but it forms an insulating band for the thermal conductivity of the glass. Compared with the single-layer glass cup, it can have a good anti-scalding function. Incidentally, it will be more insulated than a single-layer glass cup.



When we buy a thermos vacuum insulated bottle, most people will choose a double wall vacuum insulated flask. Because the vacuum does not conduct heat, the manufacturer will extract the air between the inner wall and the outer wall when manufacturing the hydro double wall vacuum flask to form a vacuum zone. Compared with the single-layer insulated flask bottle, the insulation of the double-layer vacuum flask will be better and the insulation time will be longer, which the single-layer insulated thermos bottle can not be comparable. The advantage of the double wall vacuum flask body is that it is truly insulated, the cup body is not hot, and the heat is not lost, so the thermal efficiency is high. Therefore, most of the vacuum cups are made of double-layer thermoflask stainless steel inside and outside. Welding technology is used to combine the liner and the shell, and then vacuum technology is used to extract the air in the interlayer between the liner and the shell to achieve vacuum insulation.


thermoflask stainless steel


Compare the above materials and summarize the difference between double-layer cups and single-layer cups, there are two advantages. One advantage is to increase the heat preservation of the cup, and the other is to increase the anti-scalding effect of the cup. In terms of price, the double-layer cup is more expensive than the single-layer cup. These two kinds of cups have their own advantages, we can choose the cup according to our needs and budget.

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