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Charity Sanitation Travel

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Lingqi recently organized a public welfare action for sanitation workers to express our gratitude to these workers who have been silently contributing in the city.


During the event, the staff of Lingqi presented a pennant to the sanitation workers to express our appreciation and gratitude to them. And we also gave the sanitation workers a gift package, including the stainless steel water water bottles produced by Lingqi, so that the sanitation workers can drink warm water during their tiring and busy work. We also donated a sufficient amount of masks, the daily necessities of the moment to protect them. In addition to expressing gratitude in this charity trip, we also hope to provide some substantial help to sanitation workers.


The employees of Linqi have gained a lot from this charity trip, and we all firmly believe that we are hardworking and determined to make contributions to the society.

Gratitude is a kind of cultural accomplishment, a kind of ideology, an attitude to life, and even more of  a social responsibility.

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