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Analysis on the Development Status and Trend of the Vacuum Flask

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Vacuum insulated flask is simply a cup that can keep warm. Generally, it is a water container made of ceramic or stainless steel with a vacuum layer, with a lid on the top. The vacuum insulation layer can delay the heat dissipation of liquids inside to achieve the purpose of heat preservation.



Current Consumption Status of China's Vacuum Flask Market

In terms of the current situation of the insulated flask bottle market, the domestic market’ demand  for vacuum flask products of different grades has continuously increasing, and the penetration of famous foreign brands into the domestic high-end product market has intensified industry-wide competition and brand awareness.


insulated jug flask

China's existing stainless-steel vacuum flask manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Yongkang, Wuyi, Zhejiang and Chao'an, Jieyang, Xinhui and other places in Guangdong. China has become a major producer and exporter of stainless-steel vacuum jug in the world, and it is also the market with the highest consumption level of stainless-steel vacuum flasks in the world. However, for Chinese local thermos mug companies, what they are now facing is not only the competition of thermos mug brands, but also the battle for how to meet the needs of consumers. This is also the key to testing my country's thermos vacuum insulated bottle companies.


Relevant data show that the current consumers of thermo flask water bottle in China are mainly office workers, students and the elderly. For students and office workers, the main function of the vacuum flask is convenience, beauty and insulation, followed by moderate price. The elderly are more concerned about health and safety. These are the characteristics of the thermos cup consumer market.


With the continuous changes in market consumption, people have also undergone some changes in the health care functions of the insulated thermos bottle, especially the health-care thermos cup, which also indicates that this new market consumption field will have a larger market room for improvement. Of course, for vacuum flask companies, while doing a good job in the mass market, they should also pay attention to the needs or potential needs of niche markets. This may be the key to expanding a new round of vacuum flask product marketing growth.


In summary, with the improvement of economy and consumption level, the market value of stainless thermos bottle will continue to expand. It can be foreseen that with the continuous release of market potential, the industry concentration of vacuum flask will further increase in the future, and the market capacity will also increase.



The Competitive Landscape of China's Vacuum Flask Market


From the perspective of per capita holdings, the per capita holdings of stainless vacuum flask in developed countries and regions have reached 0.37-0.65 in recent years, while the per capita holdings of insulation cups in China is only 0.12. With the increase in per capita income and urbanization, the domestic insulated jug flask market has huge room for future growth.


insulated jug flask


Market Size Forecast

With the development of the economy, the consumption level of residents is getting higher and higher, and the consumption of daily necessities will continue to increase. Drinking cups, as an indispensable daily necessities in people's daily life, will have an increasing market capacity in the future. In 2017, the domestic market sales of cups of various materials in my country reached 73 billion yuan. In the future, with the improvement of domestic people’s living standards and consumption levels, China’s demand for cups will gradually increase. By 2022, China’s cup market will reach 134 billion yuan.

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