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7 Reasons to Carry a Reusable Water Bottle

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For the sake of convenience and troubles, many people go directly to the convenience store to buy bottles of mineral water or functional beverages to add water when they are thirsty. These used up plastic bottles exist in large numbers and are a potential danger to the environment. In order to practice the concept of environmental protection, more and more people choose to go out to carry reusable water bottles, such as foldable water bottle, aluminum water bottle and water bottle with filter. These water bottles are portable and can be refilled wherever you go.


In addition, if you plan to go out for travel, sports, camping or hiking, there are many suitable water bottles on the market, such as hike water bottle, bike water bottle and other private lable water bottles.


If you are an office worker, then I recommend you to use stainless steel thermal flask, thermo cafe stainless steel flask and steel mugs for tea.


water bottle with filter

The above types of water bottles can greatly reduce the number of plastic bottles accumulated in landfills and the ocean, and better control the quality of drinking water. It also allows you to drink hot drinks throughout the day.


The following is a list of seven important reasons to carry reusable water bottles.


1. Reduce The Waste of Disposable Plastic Bottles


The biodegradation rate of disposable plastic bottles is very slow, and it takes hundreds of years to decompose naturally in the environment. Improper use of disposable plastic bottles can be harmful. Plasticizers are often added to the plastic of plastic bottles, which contain some toxic chemicals. When using plastic cups for hot or boiling water, toxic chemicals are easily diluted into the water. In addition, there are many pores in the internal microstructure of the plastic to hide dirt, which can easily breed bacteria if it is not cleaned.


Reusable bottles can greatly reduce the carbon footprint and take a big step towards reducing plastic waste. Some reusable bottles have good water filters, which can save hundreds of disposable bottles every year from a personal perspective.


2. Reusable Bottles Are Good for Your Health


Disposable plastic bottles are usually made of PET plastic. The earth is already overwhelmed by the excess of disposable plastic bottles. These plastic bottles may also cause harm to chemicals. Because chemicals will seep into the water inside these plastic bottles.


3. You Control What Goes in Your Bottle


Water quality is very important to our health, so it is best to understand the possible risks of tap water in your residence before buying a filter. It is generally not recommended to store bottled water directly from the tap.


4. Save Money on Water And Drinks While Out


For reasons of saving money, using reusable water bottles is much cheaper than buying disposable water bottles. In fact, you pay for the plastic bottles while paying the price of bottled water. If you go to coffee shops and teahouses, you dont need to bring these bottles. Most shops will prepare porcelain cups.


5. One Bottle Will Last You for Years of Usage


The reusable bottle is not just a bottle, it is also your daily companion. As long as you always clean and wipe carefully, it can generally be used for a long time.


6. Choose The Bottle That Best Fits Your Needs


Take a minute to think about your daily water needs instead of buying disposable water bottles and cups. For example, during outdoor hiking and exploration, I might prefer to keep a cup of coffee in the stainless steel tumblers with lids for several hours in winter.


water bottle with filter

7. Keep Track of How Much You Drink


Reusable bottles can help you track the amount of water you drink. Many reusable bottles have a scale in milliliters on the side of the bottle. After understanding the size of the bottle, you can replenish the amount of water consumed in due course.

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